Sunday, November 27, 2011

"All Part Of The Plan I Assume?"

"I've heard of you. And you know who I am."
"Face is familiar, have I threatened you before?"

George II and Jack Sparrow

Oh Jack what have you gotten yourself into this time? 
Handcuffed to a chair in the King's dining room surrounded by guards and appetizing food maybe?Not exactly the likeliest place. However he gets out of that room quickly, just in time to run in to his impersonator who of course is in a bar.

You've stolen me, and I'm here to steal myself back." --Jack
An impersonator who just happens to be one of Jack's many former lovers. But this one is just a teensy bit different"I was ready to take my vows! And you—what were you doing in a Spanish Convent, anyway?!"
"Mistook it for a brothel. Honest mistake."        Bad move Jack. After a touching reunion (in which Jack almost gets his butt kicked by a girl) They move on and get down to the important stuff. "I could use a ship..." " I just happen to be in possession of one."   But does she really? 

When he wakes up on a hammock in the  quarters onboard Black-Beards ship " The Queen Anne's Revenge", he finds out the truth of this interesting situation.  Angelica is supposedly Blackbeard's daughter and is currently the first mate. Well how cool is that? Not very. After trying and failing to stage a mutiny Jack begins to figure out how to help himself stay safe on what looks to be quite an interesting voyage.

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