Monday, December 31, 2012

"More Acquaintance Than Friend"

Happy last day of the year!  This past year has been great for our blog!  We've received more views and comments as the year continues.  This next year, we'll try to post for consistently and hopefully you will try to spread the word of our website!  Now, we would like to make his post all about the antagonists of the series.  Hopefully their New Years Resolutions will  help Jack have an easier time dealing with them because they are sorry.  However not all of the villains are equally liked by me. These are my top five favorite.
5) Blackbeard
Also known as Edward Teach, Blackbeard is pretty evil but he's not a very interesting villain.  He's captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge but truly doesn't do very much.  In fact, his crew doesn't even think he exists for a while.  Angelica, his daughter and first mate, runs most of the business on the ship.  And then we find out that he actually is a character with a pretty epic sword.  So he kills some people and insists Jack takes him to the Fountain of Youth.  Things really get interesting when we learn Blackbeard has shrunk and bottled the Black Pearl.  It's no surprise that Jack is ready to do anything to gain back his ship, and that annoying monkey.  So now it's up to Jack to defeat Blackbeard and get back the Pearl.
4)Ian Mercer
This fellow has been in two movies and the Price Of Freedom. He is describes by A.C. Crisp in as a man who could kill a man with out hesitation. Wonderful I know. He is Scottish and heavily accented. He works as a "operative" for Cutler Beckett. This job eventually gets him killed. Killed by another person on this list. A very gross death including tentacles getting stuck up his nose,mouth, and eyes. 3)Davy Jones
I told you Mercer's killer was on this list too! And here he is.  Like Mercer, Davy Jones for a while had to do what Cutler Beckett told him to, including tracking down the pirates at Shipwreck Cove and attacking them.  It's during this attack that Davy Jones decides that he's  tired of Cutler Beckett telling him what to do.  So he disgustingly killed Mercer and tries to track down his heart.  Beckett does eventually fail, but so does Jones when Will Turner stabs his heart sending him to his watery grave.
2) Hector Barbossa
Barbossa switches off throughout the series between being a helping and harming the protagonist (Jack).  However, during the first movie he is definitely a villain.  First of all, he pretty much took over Jack's beloved ship, which is never appreciated.  He also wants to kill Jack, Elizabeth, Will, and Norrington, and pretty much everybody else.  He's not even very nice to his own crew members.  To see if the curse in them is lifted, Barbossa shoots Pintel to see if he dies.  But I love how Barbossa seems just to ramble on and on in his super piratey talk.  He's one of the funniest characters and the only reason he's not on the first on this list is because he's not a villain all the time.  Speaking of which, let's continue on to first place.
1) Cutler BeckettI hope by this point you've taken my advice and read The Price of Freedom, because Beckett's childhood history is shared in the book.  He's also a total jerk in the book.  He brands Jack with the 'P' on his wrist and then tries to take down the Wicked Wench, even though it's his own ship!  Then, during Dead Man's Chest, he poses a menacing threat on Jack, Will, and Elizabeth.  This threat continues into the second movie as he desperately tries to completely strike pirates off the face of the earth.  You can tell that he's not a big fan of pirates, making him the ultimate villain during the series.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"It's always belonged to you"

As you could imagine, once the Brethren Court defeated the E.I.T.C. armada, there was a lot of celebration and hat throwing. Once all the partying is over, the Dutchman and the Pearl sail away together.  Will, the new captain of the Dutchman stands at the quarter deck and stars across the sea.  His father comes over to see why he's being so pensive. 
 Bootstrap: "Orders sir."  Will: "You're no longer bound to the Dutchman.  You're free."  But Will's not :(  Bootstrap: "Aye.  That's a fine thing but by my reckoning I still have a debt that has to be paid, if you'll have me."  Make up for all those years you lost with your son, since you could be on the same ship for all eternity.  Will just smiles a bit.  Will: "On the wheel then, Mr. Turner."  Bootstrap: "Aye, Captain."  Will returns to staring at Elizabeth on the Pearl.  Bootstrap catches on.  Bootstrap: "This ship has a purpose again and where we are bound she cannot come.  One day ashore, ten years at sea.  It's a steep price for what has been done.  Will: Depends on the one day." Um, awkward much?  Ok, let's just skip over that.  Meanwhile, back on the Pearl Elizabeth finally turns away from staring at Will.  Gibbs comes over with good news.
 Gibbs: "You're chariot awaits, your highness."  He beckons towards a little rowboat being lowered.  Everyone is being so nice to her, probably because they feel bad she isn't having the dream marriage she planned on.  She still doesn't seem too happy though.  Gibbs: "The oars are inside."  He's a bit more sympathetic.  She walks down to where the rest of the crew is gathered to say good bye for some reason.  Barbossa starts off the mini conference.  Barbossa: "Mrs. Turner . . ."  It's awkward because Elizabeth told Barbossa that her last name was Turner when they first met, but now her last name actually is Turner!  How ironic.  Those were their parting words.  Pintel and Ragetti bow their heads next.  Pintel: "Good bye, poppet."  She just walks on by Murtog and Mullroy.  Elizabeth: "Jack, it would never have worked out between us."  Jack just smirks, in his super hot fashion as always.  Jack: "Keep telling yourself that, darling."  She smiles and reaches in for a hug.  Jack has other plans. He quickly blocks her.  Jack: "Once is quite enough."  Can I get some ice for that burn?  She just steps back embarrassed.  Elizabeth: "Thank you." With that, she gets into her boat and from what we know, they never see each other again.  So the couple arrives on shore of a little island together.  
They make their good byes, fight over boots, kiss a little until Will ruins the fun.  Will: "It's nearly sunset."  He starts to walk off without saying anything else.  He gets his special chest with the newly replaced heart.  Will: "It's always belonged to you."  Awwwwwww.  Sorry, but it is really sweet how he loved her since they were kids.  He picks up the chest and turns to her.  Will: "Will you keep it safe."  You can tell she's trying not to cry.  Elizabeth: "Yes.  Yes."  They lead in, but Will turns to leave, She gets slightly mad and runs after him.  Elizabeth: "WILL!"  And they have one last super romantic and sweet kiss on the beach as the tide comes up.  Once they are done with their long kiss, Will finishes: "Keep a weather eye on the horizon."  And that's that.  Ten years from that point she can look out onto the horizon for a green flash, and they'll meet again. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

"Lots of Rum, Lots of Women"

One of our most recent post about romance inspired me to make another post about a happy couple not featured in our poll but definately noteablr: Esmeralda and Jack.  We've talked quite a bit about their romance in the early chapters of The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom.  Their romance buds when Jack is only twenty years old, and Esmeralda a few years older ;D.  We talked about how together they crack the secret identity of the vicious rogue pirates.  But just when their romance had begun, Jack gets forced aboard La Vipere, the ship of his ex-best friend.  How very unfortunate.  Esmeralda doesn't know at first that Jack as forced to leave.  She becomes violently angry and storms down to their favorite tavern, the Drunken Lady, with a pistol to find him.  It's not for a few more years that they ever meat again!  By that time Jack is sailing for the E.I.T.C., and Esmeralda is Pirate Lord of the Caribbean. 
They talk some but don't spend too much time together.  Fate brings them together yet again!  We've discussed this scene here in other posts, where Esmeralda's ship runs into the Fair Wind.  The Fair Wind's captain dies and Jack becomes captain.  During this time, Esmeralda shares with Jack how completely frustrated she was when she heard he had gone.  She is hesitant to forgive him, but who can resist Jack Sparrow?  Exactly.  No one.  But their not done yet!  About a year later, Jack is captain of the Wicked Wench, but his ship runs into some very bad damages after their vicotrious battle against the Koldunya.  The ship is so badly damaged that Jack is worried about what could happen next.  But at night, he hears a ship rowing by.  He is unsure whether or not he should call for help, in the event that the ship were run by dangerous pirates.  But he shouts out anyway, and too his surprise: it is Esmeralda's vessel!  You see, Esmeralda was tracking Christophe. 
She hoped that by finding the Koldunya, she would discover Christophe's location.  Luckily, she was close enough that she found Jack!  I'm telling you, these two are meant to be together.  She and her crew greatly assist the Whench.  Her doctor heals the injured, their crew repairs the damages, and they don't take ny of the goods.  Sound suspicious for pirates?  A bit, but that will be addressed later.  The two boats stick together for several days, in which Jack and Esmeralda spend quite a bit of time together.  It's clear to everyone on the ship that their not just friends.  Esmeralda is also good friends with Robby Greene, Jack's first mate and current best friend.  All three of them share a raging hatred towards Christophe, the rogue pirate.  It is at that time that Esmeralda shares with Jack that he could be accepted back to the pirating world if he were to kill the two rogue pirates that he previously set free: Christophe and Borya.  Borya died with the Koldunya, at the hands of Jack so all he had left was to track down Christophe! 
However, at this time Jack keeps secret from her that he really plans on striking up a deal with Christophe inorder to get the last magical bracelet to enter the labrynth of Zerzura.  How Jack gets back into the pirating world unfortunately is yet to come.  Once the Wench is ready to sail on its own, the two lovers say goodbye.  Unfortunately, this is the last that we see of Esmeralda in the books.  Although, most likely they meet again because she had to have passed on her peice of eight to Jack.  I really really really hope to see her in the upcoming movie.  If you haven't read the Price of Freedom yet you really should, because she really is one of the best parts of it! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

"The belligerent homunculus and his friend with the wooden eye."

I am in the mood for a good laugh today.  So what better a thing to make you crack up than the silly pirates: Pintel and Ragetti?  They switch crews several times throughout the series.  In the book, The Price of Freedom, they sail under Barbossa on the Cobra
 But once the Cobra is destroyed by the rogue pirates, they remain loyal to Barbossa (not sure why since he's not exactly sympathetic towards them).  They must have stuck with Barbossa when he became Jack's first mate on the Black Pearl. Somehow they preferred Barbossa's leadership over Jack's.  They and the rest of the crew commit mutiny against Captain Jack and leave him stranded on an island.  They spend the next ten years doing whatever Barbossa or the other crew members tell them to do.  We first see them on the big screen when they are sent on a raid to the governor's palace in Port Royal to search for the medallion. 
Why such a job like finding the precious Aztec gold would be given to such idiots?  I have no idea.  If I were captain I would just give them really simple jobs that nobody ever wants to do.  Like cleaning stuff.  Hopefully even they couldn't screw that up. Anyways, they find what they're looking for" Pintel:The gold calls to us...'Ello poppet."  So they bring Elizabeth and her necklace back to the Pearl.   The whole crew are amazed that they retrieved not only the last piece of gold, but also what they believe to be the perfect tribute: the daughter of Bootstrap Bill.  But of course they had to have messed up somewhere along the way.  As it turns out, Elizabeth's last name isn't actually Turner, yet.  What an embarrassment.  Of course, the silly pirates are the first to be blamed for it.  Barbossa: "Gents, you all remember Captain Jack Sparrow? Kill him." Jack: "The girl's blood didn't work, did it?" Barbossa:"Hold your fire! You know whose blood we need? Jack:"I know whose blood you need."

Once they've found William Turner, Pintel and Ragetti are in charge of bringing him to the altar.  They tell Will that everything will be okay and he won't be slain.  And then they change their mind and remind him that he only was minutes left to live.  Poor Will! But Pintel and Ragetti don't get to stick around for the show, they are sent out with the rest of the cursed crew to attack the Navy ship. The duo was forced to dress up as women to distract the Navy crew while the other crew members were creeping up the side of the ship. this plan quickly goes awry when a beam of moonlight hits Pintel and Ragetti and their true identities are revealed. And let me tell you it was not a pretty sight! 
Pintel and Ragetti did eventually get on board the ship and join the fight, but it didn't last long. After the great duel between Jack and Barbossa the curse was ended and the crew members were forced to surrender their weapons, but hey at least they can taste apples again!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Admit it, Jack. You still love me."

Since the holidays are upon us, I thought it would be cool to share some tales of love and family.  With mistletoe in the air, I think now is an appropriate time to discuss our latest post, in which we asked you who your favorite PotC couple is?  We are now going to answer our own question for you and hopefully you will respond by voting before the poll is closed!
4. Davy Jones and Tia Dalma/Calypso 
Will Turner: "You loved her. She's the one. And then you betrayed her."Davy Jones:  "She pretended to love me. She betrayed me." Will: "And after which betrayal did you cut out your heart, I wonder."  Davy and Tia Dalma's story is one full of betrayal and heartache. When Davy Jones was normal sailor he fell in love with the sea Goddess Calypso. She gave him the task of ferrying the souls of sailors lost at sea from this world to the next. He had to remain at sea for ten years before he could step foot on land to reunite with his love. When his ten years was up he returned only to find Calypso long gone. His anger was so great that he helped the first Brethren Court to capture Calypso and trap her in a human form. After this their love was pretty much over, and Davy took his ship the Flying Dutchmen that Calypso had given him to preform his duty and used it to build a crew of sailors bound for 100 years of service on his ship.  Calypso obviously was not pleased with Davy's actions and when they eventually reunited nothing polite was said.  In the end Davy was never able to forgive Calypso and died with a broken heart. Tia Dalma was eventually released by the Brethren Court, and helped the Court in their battle against the EITC.
3. Philip Swift and Syrena

Blackbeard: "You care for fancy her. Do not deny what is clear to my eyes. Question is...does she fancy you? By God, she does." Philip, the missionary, and Syrena, the mermaid, also had a very complicated and unique relationship ship.  Their both prisoners for different reasons of Blackbeard.  Blackbeard, being the super evil and powerful pirate, decides to use their budding romance to his advantage.  He needs to get a tear our of Syrena so he pretends to kill Philip.  Philip finds himself passed out in a ditch and makes his way back to the love of his life, who is dying in a pool.  He tells her how much he loves her, and then she starts to cry.  Bingo.  They take her tear and Philip, then leave her there to die.  But P. Swift doesn't let go of relationships easily, so in the middle of combat later in the movie, he runs back, with a wound in his side, all the way to where she is almost dead. He unties her and begs for her forgiveness.  They  make up and start to kiss.  She then drags him into the water where they will all live happily after ever.  I wonder what their kids will be like?  Probably no stranger than Jones' and Calypso's.  
2. Will and Elizabeth

Weatherby: "So, this is the path you've chosen, is it? After all, he is a blacksmith."  Elizabeth: "No. He's a pirate."  Will and Elizabeth's romance has been one of the cutest to track because it spans over the first three movies.  Will's always had a thing for Elizabeth since they met as kids.  Elizabeth seems to have a slight interest in him too.  However, people don't really realize what they have until it's gone.  Once Elizabeth is taken off by pirates, he realizes how desperately he loves her and needs her back.  Once they've been reunited, Will trades his blood for Elizabeth's safety.   This reminds Elizabeth how much she needs Will in her life, so she goes through great measures to save him, even promising herself to Commodore Norrington.  Once they are all safe, Will's feelings deepen when he finds out of Elizabeth's engagement to the officer.  So once their back at Port Royal, Will can't keep his feelings in any longer so he tells Elizabeth how he really feels.  Norrington understands and the two become engaged.  Through the next movie and a half, they have a lot of issues in their relationship, but in the end they make it to the alter, kinda.  It's more like the deck of a ship but it's romantic none the less.
1. Jack Sparrow and Angelica
Angelica: "I was ready to take my vows! And you—what were you doing in a Spanish convent, anyway?!" Jack: "Mistook it for a brothel. Honest mistake."  Jack is a player lets face it. He met Angelica while he was drunk. And things got a bit frisky. In the morning Angelica was on a boat bound for who knows where and Jack was still drunk. They reunited when Angelica began her journey to the Fountain of Youth. She needed Jack help to save her "father's" life, but she feared Jack wouldn't come willingly so after escaping the band of soldeirs sent to arrest Jack she drugged him and set sail for the said fountain. Jack of course wasn't very pleased with Angelica but things smoothed out eventually after some heated arguments a plan was made. In the end Jack brought Angelica to the fountain but ended up killing her "father" and that pretty much ended the romance. Jack stranded her on an island and even after some lies about pregnancy he sailed off into the sunset leaving Angelica to fend for herself. Moral of this story: true love hurts, thank goodness for voodoo dolls. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Not With The Chest"

Ever wonder what it's like to look down at  your beating heart?  Well, you might as well wonder because unless our medical technology gets extremely more advance, most of us will probably never experience it.   I'm not so sure how I feel about that.  But in The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Davy Jones desperately needs to find his heart.  Even though he knows Will Turner as an interest in finding it, he doesn't expect to be in any danager because to get to the heart, you need the key to the chest.  Remember?  Jack so nicely pointed this out to us at the beginning of the movie.  "We don't have the key.  WE can't open whatever it is that we don't have that it unlocks.  SO what purpose would we be serving finding whatever need be unlock, which we don't have.  Without first having found the key what unlocks it?"  But then Will goes missing from the Flying Dutchman with the precious key to the chest, leaving Davy Jones nothing but a cloth drawing of a key (which is actually even better, according to Captain Jack!).  This puts Davy Jones into a panic.  First, he calls the kraken to slaughter a ship, and then makes his crew sail as quickly was possible to the Isla de Muerta where Jones hid the chest.  Now that's when all the confusing stuff happens concerning the location of the chest.  Might I just add, I'm not quite sure why the named the movie "Dead Man's Chest", when Davy Jones owns the chest and he's not dead.  In fact, half the movie is all about Davy Jones avoiding death.  Just a thought.  
Anyways, things seem pretty under countrol when Elizabeth, Jack, and Norrington dig up the chest.  Then they all completely forget about the chest when Will shows up and they all get caught up in a sword fight.  So Pintel and Ragetti see this as an opportunity to be idiots again and run off with the chest.  The party continues when lo' and behold Davy Jones arrives.  He, of course, stays the ship and sends he menacing crew after them.  The men find the empty whole where the chest used to be, and are angry.  Then they hear the church bell ringing where the trio are fighting and run after them.  Pintel, Ragetti, and the chest, are boing chased after an angry Elizabeth, and then they all are being chased after the crew of teh Dutchman.  The three of them fend off the crew with only two swords (pretty impressive if I do say so myself).  But then they leave the chest laying in the grass (not so impressive).  Why does everyone keep leaving Davy Jones' hear lying around?  It's slightly important.  Well, one of Jones' men finds it and picks it up happily.  Only too bad for him because Jack throws a coconut at him, knocking off his head.  
As the crew member's head and body try to frantically be reunited, Jack just tells them both "Oh, shut it."  He uses the key he just desperately fought for to unlock the chest and take out the heart.  Ew.  If you're a doctor and happen to be reading this: 1) tell all your friends about us and 2) tell me if the heart actually looks really (you know, with all the arteries and stuff).  Jack gets about two seconds to examine the heart before more of Jones' men appear.  He stuffs the heart in his shirt pocket and makes a run for it.  Gross, imagine feeling someone else's heart beating on your chest.  He leaves the chest laying there for Pintel and Ragetti to pick it up, not realizing its contents are missing.  In the meantime, Jack runs across the beautiful beach to the row boat he took to shore.  He frantically cries for his jar of dirt, and creatively hids it in there just in time to fend off one of Jones' henchmen and runs.  
James Norrington makes it to the row boat after him.  He digs around and finds the Letters of Marque Jack had.  Then he looks around and finds the jar of dirt, but some of the dirt is messily displaced around the boat, which leads him to beleive Jack hid the heart in the jar.  He's the next Sherlock Homes.  Pintel and Ragetti still think they have the heart, so Will stops them.  He examines the chest, which oddly has the key in it.  Jack, becoming paranoid that Will will unfoil his plans, knocks Will upside the head.  Elizabeth, of course runs over to save him his unconsious body.  Jack: "Leave him lie!  Unless you plan on using him to hit something with."  Creative.  But their surrouned by Jones' men, so even if they did use Will's body as a weapon, it doesn't look like they'd get far.  Elizabeth: "We're not getting out of his."  Norrington: "Not with the chest.  Into the boat."  He grabs the chest, which he knows is empty.  (He has the heart stuck in his shirt too, ew).  Elizabeth: "You're mad!"  James: "Don't wait for me."  
He frantically runs off, distracting the henchmen.  Jack: "I say we respect his final wish."  Jack thinks that he still has the heart in the jar.  Pintel: "AYE!"  They all flee in the row boat.  Norrinton is chased into the forest, where he surrenders the empty chest and secretly runs off with the heart!  Wow, talk about some misunderstandings.  Everyone thinks they have the heart, but only Norrington is correct!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Think Again"

Hello all of our faithful followers.  I'm sorry for our lack of posts lately, but do not fear, they are coming!  Now, without further ado, here comes our newest post!
I'd like to start this post by introducing Weatherby Swann, Elizabeth's father.  He's the governor of the British colony of Port Royal, Jamaica.  Once appointed to this position, he and his daughter, Elizabeth make their way across the Atlanticon the HMS Dauntless.  That's where the beginning of the whole film series takes place.  Many of the characters are introduced in this scene.  Elizabeth and Weatherby are passengers, Lieutenant James Norrington is in command, and Joshamee Gibbs is a sailor.  What fun!  So yount Elizabeth is standing on the deck looking out into the vast Caribbean sea, singing "I Pirates Life For Me".  Then out of no where, Gibbs grabs her from behind.  Gibbs: "Quiet, missy.  Cursed pirates sail these waters.  You don't want to bring them down on us."  Wow, could Gibbs have been any more correct?  Because as they spoke, Barbossa's cursed crew of the Black Pearl was probably raiding another ship in search for the Aztec gold.   And then a younger, and more handsome, James Norrington appears.  
James: "Mr. Gibbs, that will do."  Gibbs, ironically, is super scared and superstitius of meeting pirates.  Gibbs: "She was singing about pirates!  It's bad luck to sing about pirates with us mired in this unnatural fog.  Mark my words."  James seems deeply concerned (can you sense the irony in my writing?).  James: "Consider them marked.  On your way."  Gibbs: "Aye, Lieutenant.  It's bad luck to have a woman on board.  Even a miniature one."  Lol, mini Lizzie.  Nobody likes her on board even at a young age.  Elizabeth: "I think it'd be rather exciting to meet a pirate."  Ha, careful what you wish for!  James just smiles down at her.  When you think abou tit, their age gap is a bit creepy.  He seems about double her age in this scene, but no really so old in the movie. 
James: "Think again, Miss Swann.  Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them."    I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag or wears a pirate brand gets what he deserves.  A short drop and a sudden stop."  Oh, the irony here is killing me.  Gibbs pretends to hang himself to explain to Elizabeth what James is saying.  Poor girl, all she was doing was humming a song and now she's being lectured about hangings.  Weatherby, the overprotective father, agrees with me.  Weatherby: "Lieutenant Norrington, I appreciate your fervor, but I'm concerned about the effect this subject will have upon my daughter."  James: "My apologies, Governor Swann."  Then Elizabeth speaks in a super high-pitched voice: "Actually, I find it all fascinating."  Who doesn't love a good hanging?  It's like all the people in the audience during Gibbs' trial in London in On Stranger Tides.  Weatherby: "Yes.  That's what concerns me."  Ha, just you wait and see, Governor.  Everyone starts to disperse but Elizabeth stays near the railing, when she sees an umbrella float through the fog towards the boat.  And then a young boy comes, knocked out a little raft.  Elizabeth: "Look!  There's a boy in the water!"  This alarms everyone on board.  Norrington: "Man overboard!  Man the ropes!  Fetch a hook!  Haul him aboard!"  Little did James know that this man would steal his girl some day.  
I assume if he knew that, he would think twice before fishing him out of the water . . .  James: "He's still breathing."  Gibbs is still looking out into the fog when he sees something else.  Gibbs: "Mary, Mother of God!"  Everybody looks over to find a ship in complete desolation, its floating debris is on fire.  Weatherby: "What happened here?"  James: "Most likely the powder magazine.  Merchant vessels run heavily armed."  Gibbs: "Lots of good it did them.  Everyone's thinking it, I'm saying it.  Pirates!"  Ohhhh, he just said the P-word.  Weatherby: "There's no proof of that!  It was probably an accident."  James: "Rouse the captain immediately.  Heave to and take in sail.  Launch the boats."  Weatherby: "Elizabeth, I want you to accompany the boy.  He'll be in your charge.  Take care of him."  Oh, she'll take care of him alright.  Other sailors go in rowboats to find more survivors.  
In the meantime, Elizabeth examines the unconcious boy.  She starts to creepliy pet his hair when he jolts awake and grabs her hand.  Elizabeth: "It's okay.  My name's Elizabeth Swann."  Boy: "Will."  Ohhh, things are starting to unfold!  Elizabeth: "I'm watching over you."  And Will just falls asleep.  Then Elizabeth steals his madallion on a chain around his neck.  Pretty important peice of gold right there.  Elizabeth: "You're a pirate!"  James: "Has he said anything?"  Elizabeth: "His name's William Turner.  That's all I found out."  Actually, he said his name was Will.  Don't make assumptions.  James: "Take him below."  After all the comotion has ended, Elizabeth examines the Aztec gold near the railing again.  She looks up just in time to see the Black Pearl sail away into the fog.  So that little five minute scene pretty much sets the stage for the whole rest of the movie.  Although, we are still missing the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow!