Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Up Is Down"

In The Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End the crew has sailed to the end of the earth and has rescued Jack and the Black Pearl, but sadly, that's not even the hardset part: getting back.  All they can do is stare at the stolen maps from Singapore.  Now that they've been out in the sun for quite a while, they're water supplies are running low, and more importantly, THE RUM IS GONE!  
"Up is down. Well that’s just maddeningly unhelpful.
Why are these things never clear?" -
That's when Jack, and the other Jack, and the other Jack have an epiphany.  Mini Jack 1: "The immortal Captain Jack Sparrow." Jack: "Oohh, I like that."  Mini Jack2: "Come sunset it won't matter."  Jack: "Not sunset, sundown.  And rise!  UP!"
Jack realizes that to get out of the world of the dead, they have to flip the whole boat at sunset.  As the sun begins to set in the world of the dead, it is only beginning to rise in the world of the living.  So Jack tricks the crew to run from side to side of the boat, eventually making it capsize.  They flipped a little to early though and have to awkwardly wait for the sun to completely set.   Alas, the sun is down and the water begins to turn and the boat is again right side up.  There is a flash of green light.  They have returned from the land of the dead! And find that the sun is just beginning to rise.
Now Pintel and Ragetti the two silly crew members who never seem to do anything right have an epiphany of their own.  Pintel: "He's rocking the ship."  Ragetti: "We'll tie each other to the mast upside down so when the boat flips we'll be the right way up!"  Sadly, it doesn't work out that way.  And when they return to the land of the living, they are again upside down.
Welcome back to the land of the living Captain Jack Sparrow!  It just wouldn't be the same without you.

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  1. Pintel & RagettišŸ˜Š those two are so stupid.