Thursday, November 29, 2012

"The Captain Seems to be Acting a Bit"

Through out the Pirates of the Caribbean there have been lot's of creepy people/things. In this post I'm gonna list out the top 5 of them that I think are the creepiest.
5) The Kraken
I'm guessing you're all experts on this mythilogical creature thanks to my previous posts, but now I'm going to talk about it again and emphasize it's grossness and creepiness. The kraken is actually quite frightening because it does as Davy Jones commands no matter what. And of course Jones doesn't exactly order it to get him some tea and crumpets. It eventually washed up on an island dead. That's when Pintel and Ragetti make planes on selling chunks of to people as souvonirs. Mean while Jack and Barbossa have an intense conversation right in front of the beasties eyeball.

4) King George II
This one probably is a surprise to you but, quite frankly, this guy really creeps me out. I mean I love British people and this guy is British but that face is just hideous. And then you have to put a huge fluffy wig on it. Of course that's not enough to be creepier then the Kraken is it? It is because he also makes Barbossa's hideous face have a wig on it as well. I still have nightmares. 
3) The Heart of Davy Jones
Okay you know I had put this on my list. I mean It's a heart. And not just any ones heart, but the a squid faced maniac's heart. This bloody organ goes through a lot. It's cut out placed in chest for a few years, picked up again and put in a jar of dirt. But then James Norrington decides to stuff it in a sack and bring it to Port Royal where it is then taken aboard the Flying Dutchman. There it surrounded by people pointing guns at it until finally Jack Sparrow comes in helps Will stab it, which by the way made goo squeeze out of it. But really tells me the heart is creepy is that Ragetti of people wonders if it's really true.
2) Tia Dalma
Yes, she is one of my favorite characters but you gotta admit that she can be very creepy. She randomly gives people the weirdest facest, like when Will pays her a visit for the first time. Also she got horible gramar. And when she turns into Calypso again she yelled very loudly then burst into a bunch of crabs. Who does that??? But at least she ended up helping the Brethren Court.

1)Elizabeth Swann
Wow this one is a whole lot of weird. If you've seen many of my posts you'll know I have a very nice collection of ugly Elizabeth picture. I also enjoy making fun of her. She get's really hyped up sometimes. Very judgemental. She hated pirates all her life then ends up being King of them. Gotta say that was not one Jack's better moves. She also kissed about every boy in the films. Don't get me started on the fact that she KILLED CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Who taught you to be so charming?"

In the awesome novel The Price of Freedom by A.C. Crispin, Jack has a crazy night on the town  (Shipwreck Cove)  in which he discovered the dead body of One-Tooth-Tommy, a sailor on Barbossa's ship that was attacked by rouge pirates. Two days before he was murdered Tommy told Jack he had seen the Captain of the rouge ship in Shipwreck Cove. Tommy saw the Captain the night of the attack,  "I seen him that night, on his ship. Lookin' for survivors, he was, in the water. Not to save 'em. To kill 'em. The smoke was so thick, it hid us. Only reason we survived. 'Cause when the devil wants ye, he takes ye. Right?" Jack didn't believe Tommy at first, because Tommy being the great pirate that he was, was drunk. Jack felt terrible about not believing Tommy, and of course the rouge pirate who killed Tommy is out there just waiting for Jack to catch him! So Jack sets off to find the rouge. Right after he starts his quest Esmeralda confronts him and tells him she wants to come along. Jack was very surprised that Emeralda wanted to join him because despite his great charm, Jack thought Esmeralda had fallen for the other great charmer in this triangle of friends, Christophe-Julien de Rapièr. Christophe was a few years older then Jack and quite wealthy, 
But really Jack is every girls dream guy! Just look at that handsome face!  Anyways, Jack and Esmeralda use the dingy that the trio had borrowed from Don Rafael (Esmeralda's grandfather) and rowed around the cove searching for a sloop that matched the description also given to Jack by Tommy.  They spotted a ship, Jack: "Esmeralda, that ship...she's a sloop, Bermuda-rigged, just as Hector Barbossa described. And she's got a brass bow chaser, all right. Foreign work, and it looks to be an Indian work to my eyes. But darlin’...I know that ship. That's Koldunya. Borya's sloop." Esmerelda: "What? But—but— can't mean the man I met! The Pirate Lord? It can't be!".  After they make this crazy discovery they rushed back to the city to alert Don Rafael.  But by the time they (Teague and Don Rafael) went to search sloop all evidence had been removed.  They brought Borya back to Pirate Hall and gathered the other Pirate Lords for an official court of inquiry. Jack and Esmerelda were called as witnesses but the evidence they gathered was not enough to convict,
 so the Lords made the decision to summon Davy Jones, keeper of the sea and all it dead sailors. Jones told the court that Borya was guilty as charged. But he also had an accomplice. Jones was unable to tell the court who the accomplice was. Borya was sentenced to hang. The court was adjourned but Jack wasn't satisfied. He and Esmerelda left Pirate Hall and went to their favorite tavern to think. Barbossa was also at the Drunken Lady, he greeted them with some bad news. Christophe was in league with the rouges. Jack was shocked and immediately started hatching a plan to save his comrade. First he needs the keys to the dungeon from that blasted dog. 
So he and Esmerelda sneaked on board Teague's ship and fed the dog, How sweet! Animal lovers so cute.  But unfortunately for them Teague was coming down the hall so the pair ducked into a nearby closet, and waited for Teague to leave. After getting a tad frisky in the closet, they were finally alone and while the dog ate they snatched up the keys. Now if only it was that easy to help their friend escape from the dungeons of Shipwreck Cove.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Never Actually Been One For Tradition"

The newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Will Turner find their hopes tragically crushed when Davy Jones evilly stabs Will's heart.  All hopes of them living happily ever after would have been diminished if it were not for Captain Jack Sparrow, of course.  Jack lets Will stab Jone's heart just in time, making Will the almost immortal captian of the Flying Dutchman.  As the crew comes out to carve out his heart, Elizabeth starts to feak out, not really understading what is happening.  Elizabeth: "Don't leave me.  Don't.  No!  U won't leave you."  So Jack picks her up and polls her off of Will, knowing that she won't be able to handle the sight over her husband's chest being cut open.  Ew.  Bootstrap Bill: "The Dutchman must have a captain."  As always, dramatic music is playing in the background.  Jack has Elizabeth just in time before Bootstrap makes the incision.  He ties her ound his waste with some rope and finds some creative way to get them off the cursed ship (no surprise there).  
Jack: "Hold on!"  He makes a little parachute out of the mast and uses a gun to shoot them off the deck.  Jack the monkey realizes just in time to grab onto some rope hanging off of their parachute.  The crazy wind storm pushes them away from the ship.  Elizabeth has regained her sanity long enough to hold onto Jack's waist and watch the Dutchman and its new captain fall into the Maelstrom.  The wind drops them off in the water, not far from the Black Pearl and the threesome are helped back onto the ship.  Gibbs: "Thank goodness, Jack.  The armada's still out there.  The Endeavor's coming up hard to starboard, and I think it's time we embrace that oldest and noblest of pirate traditions."  There it is again, after all that they still want to run away.  On the bright side, the storm has cleared up!  (Get it, bright?)  Jack, however, has better plans.  He's not ready to give up this fight he just started.  Jack: "Never actually been one for tradition."  
He walks over the side and stares out at the EITC armada, but he never looses faith in himself. Now that they've got the Dutchman on their side, what could go wrong?  Jack: "Close haul her.  Luff the sails and lay her in irons."  Barbossa: "Bely that, or we'll be a sitting duck."  And the arguing continues.  Jack: "Belay that 'belay that.'"  Gibbs keeps trying to talk some reason into Jack (nice try, but it can't work), but Gibbs can barely get more than a word out before Jack screams: "BELAY.  BELAY!"  Gibbs: 'The Endeav . . ."  Jack: "Stow.  Shut it!"  Discussion closed.  Jack runs over to the steering wheel.  Meanwhile, on the Endeavor, Groves is rather shocked to see through hid telescope that the pirates are still just sitting there.  Groves: "What are they waiting for?"  Beckett: "He expects us to honor our agreement."  Groves just gives him a crazy look and they pull out their cannons.  Beckett: "It's nothing personal, Jack.  It's just good business."  So now Beckett is all smug because he thinks he's going to end piracey once and for all.  Or so it seemed.  

Because then out of the ocean arises the Flying Dutchman!  Now, Beckett is still really oblivious and doesn't know about the death of Jones.  Beckett: "Ah, she survived."  The three ships, the Endeavor, the Pearl, and the Dutchman, all begin to sail towards eacother.  Beckett thinks that Jones on the Dutchman will be helping him take down the Pearl.  This must be a rather disappointing day for Beckett.  Because lo' and behold the crew of the Dutchman has lost it's curse and their new captain, Will Turner, is standing all handsomely at the wheel shouting orders.  Will: "Ready on the guns."  Crew: "Guns ready."  This totally pumps Jack and Elizabeht up.  Jack: "Full canvas."  And this pumps the rest of the crew up, even Barbossa.  Barbossa: "Aye, full canvas."  The Pearl and the Dutchman set their course parallel to eachother, not against eacother like Beckett had expected.  This worries Beckett a bit as his ship is suddenly almost right inbetweeen the two ships.  That's when it hits him, he's not surviving this thight.  Groves: "Orders, sir.  SIR!"  
Beckett goes through one of his little episodes where he totally panics and can't think.  He just stands their numbly without a clue of what to do becasue now they're surrounded.  This is just too easy.  Gibbs: "Cap'n." Jack: "Fire."  Gibbs: "Fire!"  Oh here we go again.  Will: "Fire!"  Barbossa: "Fire!"  Elizabeth: "Fire, all!"  She just has to be different.  Now, most ships don't survive being blown away on both sides, so Groves is totally freaking out: "ORDERS? ORDERS SIR?"  Poor Groves, he has to take commands from a coward.  More soldiers are freaking out: "Sir, what do you command?"  Beckett finally speaks: "It's just . . . good business."  Groves finds Beckett useles now.  Groves: "Abandon ship!"  So as all his men fly off the railing, Beckett walks around his blown up deck right into his epic death in which he dies on an EITC flag.  How appropriate.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Your Pearl of Great Price"

Have you ever wondered how the Black Pearl got received her name?  Like me, you probably assumed that she always had that name because of her black masts and black everything, really.  Well, spoiler alert, she's painted black because she was burned to the bottom of the sea at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom, the awesome book I love to talk about by A.C. Chrispin.  Sorry to totally have given away the ending for you but you really should have read it already.  
Now, if you're one of those people who has to know how a book ends and reads the last few pages of a book first, then you're welcome.  Now you can finish the book on your own.  Anyways, back to the main point.  How the Black Pearl is resurrected is a whole other story for a whole other post, which I'm sure will com eventually so stay tuned.  Okay, so now you know why the Black Pearl is black, but I haven't really explained the pearl part yet, so brace yourselves.  It's actually biblical!  It comes from a parable preached by Jesus in the gospels.  
Jack's best friend in the book, Robby Greene, was raised in the Church of England so he knew all these Bible stories.  Jack, who doesn't know the Pearl just yet, is captaining it under the command of Cutler Beckett.  She's called the Wicked Wench instead, as she isn't black yet.  But Jack wants to own her so badly, it's all he can think about as he sails her.  Robby: "Some things are just obvious, Jack.  The Wicked Wench is like your pearl of great price."  Jack: "Pearl?"  Robby: "It's from the Bible, Jack.  A parable Jesus told his disciples, about a merchant who saw a perfect pearl, the most wonderful, beautiful one in the whole world, but very costly.  The merchant had to have this thing that was so perfect, so he sold everything he had so he could posses it.  It's in the Gospel according to Matthew."  This makes Jack pretty excited.  
Jack: "By, Jove, I know just how the chap felt, Robby.  Most of the Bible stuff you tell me about doesn't make much sense to me, but this story does.  A pearl of great price . . . that's this hip, to me."  That' wasn't exactly what the point was though, unfortunately.  Robby: "No . . no, Jack.  That's not what the story means.  It's a parable about how one gets into Heaven."  Who doesn't love paradise?  Jack: "Don't ruin it, Robby.  I like the story!  First Bible story you eve told me that I liked.  Be happy, mate."  Robby: "But, Jack-"  And then they get interrupted.  Throughout the book Robby drops many spiritual hints at Jack but none of them really stick with Jack until this one.  
Robby should tell him about when Jesus calmed the storm, because I doubt Jack loves to sail the storms.  Jack really must have liked this parable because he named the love of his life after it.  Jack really did risk everything for the Pearl and everything again to gain her back later.  That is one committed captain all right.  Although it really is too bad that Robby was never first mate on the Black Pearl.  Perhaps Jack also partially named the ship after Robby, his long lost friend.  But that whole long lost thing is a whole other story, yet again.  What a great captain, what a great friend.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

"Thank you, Captain Sparrow"

Feeling in the Thanksigiving mood still, I'd like you to all know that I am so thankful for the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean series.  Whosever idea it was to transform the intense ride into four epic movies deserves a round of aplause!  All four movies are great, but I must admit that some of them I like more than others.  So here's my listing on which are my favorites.  Please comment and let us know if you agree or disagree and what your preferences are!
4) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
While this movie was the only one so far I was able to see in theatres (went opening day!), I don't think it quite surpassed any of the movies in the trilogy before it.  While I liked Angelica's pessimistic mood and the strange love going on between her and Jack, I wished they had brought back some of the old characters.  For example, I missed Jack's crew, like the good old silly pirates that we love to post about.  Also, I wasn't really a big fan of Philip and Syrena.  If they wanted to have a complicated love story a long with Jack and Angelica's, then they should have stuck with Will and Elizabeth.  I'm wondering how they are handeling their long distance relationship.  That being said, I did like the super creepy mermaids.  I mean, what could be better than deceiving maniupulative yet beautiful sea creatures who drown and eat men?  Not much.  They were quite the obstacle to face and I loved watching them do so.  Oh, and Blackbeard and his Sword of Triton was pretty epic.  It takes a lot to get through all that, but of course Jack and Barbossa mange it.  So, it's not that I don't like the movie, It's just not my favorite.  
3) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 
I feel bad listing the movies, becasue I like them so much.  But some must rise above the others.  Dead Man's Chest is a pretty dark and evil movie.  It starts out with a rained out and ruined wedding, and ends witht the couple falling apart of the death of a hero.  The second scene opens with the wicked torturing of sailors at a Turkish prison.  The super sad aroma is about the only critisism I can make though.  I love the scene when the crew ends up on the island of the Pelogostals.  The scene with the stupid sailors who are being tricked by Elizabeth always makes me laugh.  Not to mention I love the additon of Tia Dalma, the crazy Obeah woman.  She's one of my favorite characters of the movie and she really freaks out Pintel and Ragetti. Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett both become enemies to the pirates, both being equally as evil and scary.  Of course, both in their own way.  Jones has a bunch of creepy tentacles coming off his face and a beating heart in a chest, but Beckett is about four feet tall with a deathly glare.  Two antagonists in one movie so epic!
2) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
This movie is just so cool.  Of course, it starts out kinda dark again with Lord Cutler Beckett executing a bunch of innocent people in Port Royal, probably Will and Elizabeth's neighbors, including a poor little boy.  But this boy starts singing and then everyone else continues singing, "Hoist the Colors", the pirate anthem.  And someone goes over and tells Beckett about all the singing, and all Beckett says is: "Finally."  Yeah, I wasn't really sure why he was waiting for his prisoners to sing, but I later found out that when "Hoist the Colors" begins to be sung, it means that the Brethren Court is going to meet.  This meeting is the premesis of the whole movie, which is kinda what makes it so awesome.  All the pirates in the world joining together against two equally menacingly creepy vilians.  Um, whoah there.  This is just too awesome.  But first you have the hillarious scene between all the bickering pirates before you get to all the fighting.  And in the midst of all the action you even get a little bit of romance.  I'm serious, this movie has it all.  
4) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
The first movie ever really was my favorite.  It got the ball moving for all the next movies.  It's when you're first introduced to all the characters, and all the locations, including Tortuga!  It starts off with little Will and Elizabeth, when they first meet.  Elizabeth is sailing across the Atlantic when she catches a glimpse at the Black Pearl sailing away after destroying a ship.  One person was able to survive this raid: William Turner Jr.  Elizabeth takes care of him after he is rescued until they reach Port Royal.  Elizabeth finds a medallion on him while he is unconscious, and keeps it from him.  This little peace of gold is the main object of the whole movie.  To be honest, I think all the characters were the best in this movie: Jack was the funniest, Will and Elizabeth were the cutest, and Barbossa was a great villain.  The fact that Jack was always switching sides added to the awesomeness of the movie because the audience was never sure what was going through his mind.  Then again, we can never be sure, but we love Jack all the same!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

"And Marty the dwarf!"

Now continouing with the theme of celebrating our great motley crew I will post all about Marty. I'll start with some interesting facts about the actor who portrayed him, Martin Klebba. Now Marty wasn't always called Marty. The film-makers had decided to call him Dirk and last minute they switched his name to Marty because it sounded more like the actors name. Klebba also portrayed the Butcher in the play on Snow White Mirror Mirrror, some guys pet in Planet of the Apes, a small alien in Men in Black and many more films. But now let's get to the good stuff. We all know Marty is a little smaller than most sailors but was considerably strong.
 Of course in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl the camera zooms in on the first of Jack's recruits and slides across all the faces of the new crew members. Until of course it comes to Marty who's head is much lower. Marty and the rest of the crew sail on to the Isla de Muerta on the HMS Interceptor. When they reach the island Jack and Will go a shore while the crew stays on board. Only Will and Elizabeth return which upsets the loyal crew. But they keep to the code: "Whoever falls behind, is left behind." While sailing away from the isla de Muerta the Black Pearl, captained by Barbossa with Jack in the brig, is gaining on them. So the crew prepares to fight. Marty starts manning a mini cannon and shoots at the Pearl to the dismay of Jack. I must say that mini cannon does suit Marty. 
When he runs out of cannon balls for his cannon Marty goes below deck to help Gibbs man a large cannon. Remembering Will's speech about firing everything they have, Marty helpfully grabs Gibbs' bottle and fires it at the Pearl. It hits the place where Jack is and breaks the lock to his cell. However the Interceptor is no match for the Black Pearl and he and the others are captured. The cursed crew leaves Jack and Elizabeth on a deserted Island where they are picked up by a passing ship and taken back to Port Royl. In Port royal they tell the commodore about the pirates and convince him to sail to the Isls de Muerta and kill the cursed crew.
 Mean while Barbossa, now in possesion of the 882 coin, sets sail for the Isla de Muerta where he will spill wills blood with the coin, freeing him and his crew of the Curse. When they reach the island the Dauntless is already there with Jack and Elizabeth and a bunch of Royal Marines, but they are out of sight. While the cursed crew is on the island Elizabeth comes aboard the ship and frees the crew. The crew then takes the ship and sails away, leaving Elizabeth and Jack on the island. Unfortunatley Jack is caught by the navy after the battle aboard the Dauntless and is taken to Port Royal to be hung. But as we all know he "escapes" by falling of the cliff int the ocean, but luckily Jack's loyal crew come and saves the day in the Black Pearl and making Jack they're Captain.

"Mr. Cotton! Answer Me"

You know we haven't really made many posts on Jacks loyal crew. Oh, they would do anything for Jack. Today I'll talk about Cotton. We first meet him in Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code: Wedlocked. In this film the Pirate Code is shot. The man who shot it threatens to cut out anyones tongue if he/she told on him. 
Of course Cotton being the awesome code-abiding person he is tells Teague. Well you can probably guess what happens next. Cotton now has no tongue. After becoming tongueless Cotton somehow manages to teach his parrot to talk for him. Again, amazing! Cotton eventually makes it to Tortuga, and is recruited by Captain Jack Sparrow along with the rest of the motley crew to work aboard the HMS Interceptor. 
We all know that Gibbs and the rest of the crew left Jack on the Isla De Muerto, taking the Black Pearl with them. But in the end they realize the the code is more like guidelines . . . ironic considering how Cotton lost his tongue. Later when Jack comes back after visiting a turkish prison with no treasure Cotton being the good pirate he is wants something shiny, but agrees to wait a little longer. 
After being confronted by Bootstrap Bill about the kraken the crew is ordered to make sail to the nearest island, Isla Pelegostos. Cotton is inprisoned in the bone cage with all the good crew mates like Gibbs, Marty, and later Will Turner. Cotton helped them climb up the cliff and roll away from the evil tribesmen. He and the others make it back to the Pearl and sail to Tia Dalma's hut as fast as they can. During the trip there Gibbs explains to the crew about this mysterious woman. So when they get there everyone wants to check it out. 
Gibbs to Jack: "I'll watch your back." Jack: "It's me front I'm worried about. Mind the boat." Gibbs to Will: "Mind the boat." Will to Ragetti: "Mind the boat." Ragetti to  Pintel: "Mind the boat." Pintel to Marty: "Mind the boat." Marty to Cotton's parrot: "Mind the boat." Cotton's parrot to Cotton: "Caaaaahh! Mind the boat." Poor Cotton slumps back in the row boat upset seeing there is no one else there. Meanwhile inside the hut Tia Dalma gives Will the heading to the Flying Dutchman in exchange for Barbossa's undead monkey. So the crew sale to where the Dutchman is.
 Will goes to what he thinks is the Dutchman but is really a ship destroyed by the kraken. Jones' and his crew capture Will and appear a board the Black Pearl and capture the unsuspecting crew, including Cotton. Luckily Jack works his magic and frees the crew. Unfortunatley Jack's magic included finding 100 men to give to Davy Jones. So what better place to find 100 desperate sailors then Tortuga? They realize that, even in Tortuga, they can't find enough stupid people after James Norrington attacks them. They change they're tactics and decide to destroy Jones and take his ship. 
However that doesn't work so well because James takes the heart required to kill Jones and gives it to Cutler Beckett. Jones sends his pet the Kraken after the Black Pearl and it kills Jack, thanks to Elizabeth. The crew escape and go to Tia Dalma, and this time Cotton meets her. She convinces them to go to World's End with her and Barbossa in order to save Jack from Davy Jones' Locker. But first they must retrieve the map to the Farthest Gate from Pirate Lord Sao Feng. 
However during they're meeting the EITC attacks them. They escape with the maps, a crew, and a Ship. After getting lost they fall into the Land of the Dead. Jack appears with the Black Pearl and they "sail" out of the Locker. Once back on Earth they are confronted by Sao Feng and Cutler Beckett who intend to take the Black Pearl. Barbossa convinces Feng to stop helping the EITC and help the Pirates. They split up and meet back up at Shipwreck Cove with the Pirate armada. You know happens next, the pirates kill Jones, Beckett, and the EITC armada retreats. Sadly Cotton and the rest of the crew did not go On Stranger Tides.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Seagulls . . . Nesting"

Incase you were not aware, on October 19, 2012 the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida added as part of the attraction the mermaids from The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  They have projections swimming of mermaids throughout the water and even have a mermain skeleton!  How creepy.  Unfortunately I haven't seen the new addtions.  I've visited Disney World in Orlando before and went on the PotC ride but the had not added the mermaids yet.  I more often go to Disney Land in Aneheim, California when I visit California each year.  Hopefully they will make this great addtion there too.  So in honor of thew new revisions, I thought I would make a post all about the hunt for mermaids!  These lovely creatures absolutely terrify all the sailors, of every single party.  The thought of the mermaids totally freaks out Barbossa's crew of the HMS Providence.  
Barbossa: "What do the men fear?  Say it.  Speak the words."  Theodore Groves: "White Cap Bay."  Gibbs, who is serving as the crew's navigator, discusses the topic with Barbossa, the captain.  Barbossa: "Aye, Whitecap Bay! Every worthless seaman fears the name, and rightly so, though few know why or dare to ask."  Gibbs: "Be the stories true?"  Barbossa: "Say what robs you of your staunch heart Gibbs, or forever leave it to the whiter fields of fancy."  Gibbs: "...Mermaids, Captain?"  Barbossa: "Aye. Mermaids. Sea ghouls, devilfish, dreadful in hunger for flesh of man. Mermaid waters, that be our path. Cling to your soul, Gibbs, as mermaids be given to take the rest, to the bone."  
It sounds like quite the dangerous situation when you're being told to cling to your soul.  Barbossa is always so kind and gentle, especially when it comes to fear.  He pretty much tells the whole Royal Navy to get over it.  Barbossa: "Gentlemen. I shall not ask any more than of any men than what that man can deliver, but I do ask this: are we not King's men?"  Crew: "....Aye!"  Barbossa: "On the king's mission?"  Crew: "....Aye!"  Barbossa: "I did not note any fear in the eyes of the Spanish as they passed us by. Are we not King's men?"  Crew: "Aye!"  Barbossa: "Aye!  Hands aloft, and bear away.  Stave on a head to Whitecap Bay!"  Hey look, that rhymes.  I'm telling, all the pirates probably have a night job as poets.  
As it turns out, the crew really did have something to be terrified of, as most of them ended their journey at White Cap Bay.  But a few of them were not on the ship during the attack, but on shore looking at the mess the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge made to capture Syrena, the mermaid.  Barbossa, being the honoring gentleman we all know he is, pokes a dead mermaid's tail with his foot.  Crew member: "Lord, is that . . .?"  Gibbs: "Mermaid.  Give up this madness now."  Barbossa: "I cannot.  Ever walk on the beach, look back and see your footsteps in the sand?  It's like that, except the footsteps lie before me."  
Quite the poetic simile, Captain.  Crew member: "Footstep, actually."  Hahaha, I'm sorry but that was so snarky it was funny.  Groves: "Whitecap Bay, Sir.  We must hasten."  They start to hear terrible shrieking.  They turn around to their ship, to find that the mermaids are attacking it, probably eating the crew.  I guess their not going back there.  Barbossa, as usual, shows no sympathy for his men being killed.  Baarbossa: "We travel by foot.  Gibbs, I require a heading."  
Groves: "But, sir, the men."  Barbossa: "They be dead already."  Groves: "They don't sound dead."  Dead men tell to tales, no shriek.  Barbossa pulls out his pistol and points it at Groves.  Barbossa: "Oh, is that so?  Well, I hear nothing but seagulls nesting.  What is it that you hear, Mr. Groves?"  World's finest captain, I tell you.  Groves, who looks like he wants to kill Barbossa (which he probably does), just says through gritted teeth: "Seagulls . . . nesting.  Nothing more."  So that is the story they will go back to England with.  The whole crew died in a mermaid attack before their captain or anyone else could save them.  Barbossa: "Heading, Gibbs?"  Groves: "My God."  
They stand there idly watching the ship go down, but Barbossa has had enough of all this delay.  Once again, he pulls out his gun but this time points under Gibbs' chin.  Barbossa: "Your head or my heading.  I'll have me one or t'other, I don't care which."  Except that Barbossa would probably prefer the heading, because a dead Joshamee Gibbs wouldn't get him to the Fountain of Youth.  Crew member: "All hands, forward!"  The remainder of the crew begin to walk in Gibbs direction to the Fountain of Youth.