Monday, January 23, 2012

"...And Then They Made Me Their Chief."

While on his quest to Find Jack; Will Turner sails to an island after receiving tips from various pirates, "There's an island just south of the straits, where I trade spice for…delicious long pork. Cannot say about Jack, but you'll find a ship there. A ship with black sails." The crew anchored the ship and set of in search of their beloved captain. A few miles inland Will and his borrowed crew where taken captive and soon found themselves hanging in a rope ball above a very steep gorge.

Using some tricky maneuvering they climbed up the side of the gorge and freed themselves. Unfortunately soon after that Will was recaptured. (He was quite unlucky on this journey if you ask me. ) He was brought before their Chief; a god who had mysteriously dropped from the sky.  Hmmm I wonder who it is? Well Jack of course. Now you see Jack thinks he is really smart and understands the language but what he doesn't know is that his new found worshipers are planning on eating him for dinner.  He is tied up to a big stick like Will and propped up next to a large pile of tinder. But soon after they get Jack all set for barbecuing the have to go chase down some other captives. They left Jack to his own devices and of course he escaped. However when he got down to the beach  he looked behind him; Low and behold a mob of painted cannibals were chasing after their dinner. Jack looked infront of him and noticed his crew was leaving him behind. Will tried to stop them....until he saw the angry mob of hungry cannibals "What about Jack!? I won't leave without him!" "Oi!" "...Time to go." But jack ran as fast as he godlike legs could go, and made it on board the ship barely.

And some where out there in the middle of the ocean is a island of cannibals, who will always remember the day they Almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

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