Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"As I Said...Pursuade Me"

While Will is over on The Flying Dutchman Jack and Elizabeth had quite the conversation on the Black Pearl about how Will was captured Davy Jones and Jack had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it....(yeah surrre)  Elizabeth kind of believes him so their conversation turns into an "lets share all our secrets" session and Elizabeth produces some papers (Apparently very  interesting papers,)And of course curious Jack has to Question her about how she came by letters of marque signed by Lord Cutler Beckett.
Persuade me.....
Jack (about the letters Beckett signed): "Might I enquirer as to how you came by these?"
Elizabeth: "Persuasion."
Jack: "Friendly?"
Elizabeth: "Decidedly not."
Jack swipes the letters out of her hands.
Elizabeth: "Jack, the letters, give them back.
Jack: No. Persuade me."
Elizabeth: "You do know Will taught me how to handle a sword."
Jack: "As I said...Persuade me."
You're a good man.
Hmm, Just what does Jack want?  Well duhh he wants a kiss. However right then she didn't take the bait. She sat with Jack's compass ( the one that directs you to what you want most)  For a while but gave up because it kept pointing to Jack.  Well then she decides to list all of Jacks wonderful attributes. And then try to kiss him only to decide in the end she doesn't want to kiss him. This didn't make Jack very happy.  Well I think Elizabeth is off her rocker....Because later in the movie she decides to reaffirm her love of Will right in front of Jack.
Is he the one?

And after that long fight on the island over the chest, they all return back to the ship. Day Jones and his crew are on their boat right next to them so Jack decides to flaunt what they found in the chest. expect he doesn't have it.(ooops) Even though Jack doesn't even have the heart of Jones, The kraken is sent after them anyways. And here come Elizabeth final decision (shes been doing a lot of deciding lately and it doesn't seem to be paying off if you ask me)  She has to chose either to save Jack and be chased by the kraken with the rest of the crew, or to kill Jack and be safe. Well lets just say she sealed his fate with a kiss. And Jack was on the ship when the kraken came back for it's second attack.  Do you think Elizabeth made the right decision?

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