Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"I keep the promises I make, Jack."

  13 years ago Jack made a deal with the "devil" of the high seas; Davy Jones, he was given 13 years of pirating in exchange for 100 years on board The Flying Dutchman. His 13 years have come to a close and Davy Jones wants what he is owed:100 years from Jack Sparrow. And of course Jack being the crafty conniving pirate that he is offers friend up to save his own soul."Have you not met Will Turner? He's noble, heroic, terrific soprano." However, Davy Jones refuses to take the deal, "One soul is not always equal to another."  But Davy Jones is also conniving and he takes Will anyways.  So Will ends up with Davy and Jack has to find some other way to stay off The Flying Dutchman. But Will has a mission, Find the key that unlocks the chest that contains the heart of Davy Jones.

While on board The Flying Dutchman, Will has a surprising encounter with his father; Who has been presumed dead for 20 years. Will enlists him to help him on his mission. Bootstrap Bill has no idea where the key is kept so he isn't much help right away. However he does manage to save Will's life by losing a game of Liar's Dice and forfeiting another 100 years of his life so that his son can remain free.

But that night Will sneaked into Davy Jones' room and found what his was looking for; The Key. Now comes the tricky part, getting it out. Davy Jones kept his key hidden within his tentacle beard thing, (and I bet you no one has ever tried to steal it before Will, can you imagine sticking your hand up in there?)  Will uses a feather pen to extract the key and then places the cloth key into the hiding spot.  After this Will hightails it out of there and get rescued by a Dutch merchant ship. But unbeknownst to Will and his rescuers Davy has sent his favorite pet out after them. The Kraken.  
Will of course doesn't die but lands his butt back on The Flying Dutchman, (fail) where he stays stowed away until they reach the island of Isla Cruces. Jack, Norrington, and Elizabeth start walking inland in hopes of finding the chest that contains the heart of Davy Jones. And of course they find it (because it wouldn't really be a story if they didn't.) And Will shows up right on time with the key.  But they run into some problems trying to decide what to do with the heart. Will wants it to free his father, Norrington wants it to get his title back, and Jack just wants it. Well being the dastardly pirates that they all are they decided to have a duel to decide who would make the decision.  But they are gentlemanly and refuse to let Elizabeth fight with them, so the three men run of into the jungle fighting all the way.
Now this doesn't make Elizabeth very happy so she goes into one of her legendary fake fainting spells on the beach. But there is no one there to see it so all she gets out of that is sand in her hair. So she decides to chase the men in hopes of joining the fight. She catches them eventually but she doesn't join in she just grabs the chest and runs. However, she isn't aware of the Dutchman crewmen chasing after her until one slings a sword and barely misses chopping her head off. But she keeps running and eventually runs into Pintel and Raggeti (aka the silly pirates)  they help her hold off the crewmen and then snatch the chest fight out of her hands while she is fighting, and run off to hide it. While this is going on, Jack disengages from the fight and runs of to hide the heart he had stolen from the chest quite awhile ago. But while he and will are fight Norrington sneaks off and takes the heart out of Jack's jar of dirt, and hides it in his satchel. So by now the duel is pretty much over, And Will and Jack return to the boat. Jack thinks he has the heart hidden in his jar and taunts Davy with it until he dumps out his dirt and realizes that it was snatched right out from under his nose. Whoops.  Now this got Davy Jones quite angry and while Jack and his crew are sailing away he sends the Kraken after them. Will the Black Pearl and her crew survive???? I'm sure you will find out eventually.


  1. This is one of my favorite posts! I love how this blog does stuff from all the movies and focuses on incorporating all of the crew into the posts. And i just plain LOVE Jack Sparrow. (:

  2. Thanks so much! We pretty much love Jack Sparrow too(:


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  3. elizabeth jack and james find the chest before will comes with the key.

  4. Okay Thanks! Make sure to vote on our poll! I will make sure we get the error fixed right away!


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