Monday, March 19, 2012

"You need to find yourself a girl, mate..."

Eight years before he met Jack Sparrow, Will Turner met Elizabeth Swann. While sailing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on board the HMS Dauntless; A young Lizzie spotted something in the ocean. The sailors dragged it in and it turned out to be a young boy whom they later discovered was Will Turner.This young boy had quite the interesting medallion around his neck and apparently Lizzie liked it because she ripped it from his neck while he was unconscious. (not very polite if you ask me)Lizzie didn't know then how much trouble that medallion was going to get her in...

Eight years later they met again when Will delivered a sword to Governor Swann's estate. And Will never got over that girl. They met several times more by chance but Will new his place and never had the chance to beat out all the other suitors. And before he knew it she was engaged to Captain James Norrington. 

While all this 'romance' between Will and Lizzie is going on, Jack takes to the opportunity to get captured by a certain Royal British Navy officer none other then James Norrington. But of course he escapes by using Lizzie as a shield he managed to evade his captures and stumbled into the smithy that Will was apprenticing at. Now Jack Being the loveable pirate that he is expected Will to just let him leave. However, Will has a secret hate of pirates (well not so secret anymore) Jack:"You need to find yourself a girl, mate...Or, perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you've already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch, are you?" Will: "I practice three hours a day so that when I meet a pirate, I can kill it!" Jack:"Hah." Jack is so smart isn't he! SO of course will can't just let Jack go without a fight so they duel until Will's boss smacks Jack over the head with a bottle of rum.

 And then Jack gets recaptured by the good Captain, and has to await his hanging with the common prisoners and their dog.  But after everyone has returned to their lives a surprised attack is launched on Port Royal by none other then The Black Pearl, Captained by Hector Barbossa and crewed by cursed men. They have a mission on this raid. Find the medallion. And of course they do. (or we wouldn't have much of a story) 
They found it hiding in a wardrobe at the Governor's estate.
Will learned of Elizabeth's capture and hooks up with the only pirate he know to help save her. But first they need a ship. And we all know which boat they take. The one thats already prepared!  And with surprisingly no fighting involved they commandeer the ship and set sail in search of Elizabeth and a new crew. Lets hope they find a crew rather quickly.

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