Saturday, April 28, 2012

"We Can't Just Sit Here and Wait"

Will Turner has set out to find Jack Sparrow and get his compass to free Elizabeth. He ends up on an island filled with a bunch of cannibals. They take Will captive. The good news is Will can talk to Jack's crew since they were put together in the same cell. The bad news is that that cell happens to be hanging from midair 500 feet above the ground made of bones from the other half of the crew. 
Will: "Why would he do this to us. If Jack is the cheif-" Gibbs: "Aye, the pelegostos made Jack their cheif, But he only remains cheif as long as he acts like a cheif." Will: "So, he had no choice. He's a captive as much as the rest of us." Gibbs: "Worse, as it turns out. See the pelegostos beleive Jack is a god in human form, and they intend to do him the honor of releasing him from his fleshy prison. They'll roast him and eat him." I'd like to see them try to eat Tia Delma. Gibbs: "Jack's life will end when the drums stop." Will: "Well, we can't just sit here and wait, then, can we?" He has the crew rock the cage back and forth until they reach the side of the cliff where they can climb up. 
When they finally make it to the cliff they start to climb, but they don't do it for long because they see a guard walking across the bridge above them and are forced to stop. 
However the half of the crew in the cage without Will decides to keep going "quietly." But one of the dudes in that cage accidentaly grabs a snake instead of a vine. He yells and the part of the crew in the cage falls down breaking the rope and hitting the ground with a thud. 
This alerts the gaurd on the bridge and he runs to their camp to get his freinds to help kill the crew. Realizing that they don't have much time Will and the remaining men (there's not many left after the cage and the fall) hurry to the top. Will: "Move!" Once on top they start rolling the cage away from the cannibals. 
When they can't roll any more they decide to lift it up and run. 
Gibbs has some inspirational words to help. Gibbs: "Lift it like a ladies skirt." They accidently run straight of another cliff into some water but it breaks the cage so it's not all bad. The cannibals shoot down at them but stop when a young boy comes and tells them Jack is getting away. Thanks Jack. 
Now that their safe the crew makes their way to the Black Pearl where they find Pintel and Raggeti trying to set sail all by their whimpsies. Pintel: "haul loose the mooring line. The mooring line!" But Raggeti is to busy chasing the monkey with his eye to hear. Ragetti: "Theif! Little Hairy Theif! Give it back. Don't bite it.
Gibbs comes and is happy to see that their almost ready to go. Gibbs: "Excellent! Our works half done." Pintel: "We done it for you, knowing you'd be coming back." Gibbs just ignores him, "Make ready to sail boys!" But will doesn't wan' to go without Jack but luckily he sees him running towards them. . . being chased by the cannibals. Jack comes just in time. And so they set sail for Tia delma's shack.

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