Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Friends of yours?"

Shortly after reuniting with his old frienenemy Angelica, Scrum one of the Captain's Daughter's customers came to Angleica and warned her about a group of Royal Guards tried to gain access to the storage room of the Captain's Daughter   Scrum:"Milady! I see unseamenlike fellows of officious-looking nature!" Angelica: "...Friends of yours?"  Jack: "I may have unintentionally slighted some King or another." Angelica:  "...You haven't changed." Jack: "Implying the need?" Angelica:"Yes. You betrayed me! You seduced me and you used me. I was innocent of the ways of men." Jack:"You demonstrated a lot of technique for someone I supposedly corrupted." Hmm, quite the interesting past ehh? Jack and Angelica sprang into action as the Guards stormed in; chased all around the room fighting all the while. They slashed the barrels full of ale and wine stored in the room to distract the Guard, Jack paused momentarily to sample the wine. 
Angelica pushed him away from the drink before he had the chance to get his head blown off by one of the guards. The fight continued, until Angelica pushed the lever of a trapdoor that dropped the pair into the River Thames.  They swam to shore and began to talk about the sacred ritual that was to be performed when they reached the fountain of youth. Out of no where one of Angelica's crewman popped up and stabbed Jack with some sort of sleeping drug in a dart.  Meanwhile, Gibbs - who was also captured by the British Guards when he and Jack were last together-  was taken to the execution courtyard of the Tower of London and harassed by Barbossa for a time before he produced what they wanted: the map.
After getting their attention, he tossed the map into a nearby fire.  Lucky for him he had thought ahead. While imprisoned he apparently memorized the route to The Fountain of Youth. Well they couldn't very well kill him, because they needed the map stored in his head. Barbossa left with no other choice brought Gibb's along on the voyage, "Welcome back to His Majesty Navy, Master Gibbs!"  Aww how sweet!   
 Waking up on board The Queen Anne's Revenge was quite a surprise to Jack but being greeted by Scrum was even worse, well in my opinion it was. Scrum clued him in on his present situation while they were attempting to complete their morning chores. (aka scrubbing the deck.) , " 'Scuse me, Captain Sparrow, sir. I be right honored to welcome you aboard our world-renowned vessel of infamy—Queen Anne's Revenge."  Jack and Gibb's are in the same boat, figuratively speaking that is. They were both brought on their perspective voyages simply for their knowledge of The Fountain of Youth  and it's location.  Jack was put to work scrubbing the deck while he wasn't needed for navigation Gibb's however was just along for the ride on his ship which was being captain by the newest Navy captain Hector Barbossa. Jack took the time with the crew and put it to good use, from a Pirate's perspective that is. While scrubbing the deck halfheartedly he was told of the zombie crewman and the missionary who was captured to bring luck and blessing from God to the Captain, who just happened to be Blackbeard.  Later on that day, He learned that his captor Angelica was the first mate. He went off to search her out, and confronted her about the situation, 
Jack: "You...are a ruthless, soulless, cross grained cur." Angelica:"I told you I had a ship." Jack:"No, Blackbeard has a ship. Upon which I am now imprisoned."    To calm Jack down, Angelica told Jack of her connections or should I say relations on board,  her long lost Father just happened to be Blackbeard . Hmm no wonder her mother sent her to a convent.  After the conversation was over Jack returned to his crew-mates. He and his comrades hatched a plan. A plan to take over the ship through the treacherous act of mutiny...

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  1. i love scrum! he is my favorite OnStrangerTides character!