Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Attacked and sunk by one of our own"

Time to talk about my favorite book!  Once again, if you haven't read The Price of Freedom, get out.  Go buy yourself the book and then come back here and tell me what you think.  
One of the reasons I really like this book is that it introduces new PotC characters as well as bringing back some familiar faces, like Captain Hector Barbossa.  Like in The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Barbossa has unfairly lost his ship to a bunch of pirates with no mercy.  But unlike in OST, Barbossa's ship is sunk and he doesn't know who actually did it.  So the Brethren Court are out to catch the infamous rogue pirates who caused this mess.  Barbossa comes to testify in front of the Brethren Court at Shipwreck cove, along with his remaining crew including Pintel and Ragettie and One Tooth Tommy, the few that survived the attack.  Once again, similiar to OST, the captain did not go down with his ship.  Barbossa really needs to work on not loosing his ship and get the courage to actually die like a good captain.  
Anyways, Jack is present at the Brethren Court meeting at the time, even though he's not yet a Pirate Lord.  He's just there trying to flirt with Esmeralda, who's grandfather is a Pirate Lord.  They both stick around to hear Barbossa so they can spend more time together.  Awwww.  So here Barbossa goes: "Gents . . . Ladies . . . "tis lucky I am to be standing here afore ye today.  Two months ago, almost to the day, me ship Cobra was attacked and sunk by one of our own.  We had raised our true colors, and yet still they tried to slaughter us.  We were atttacked by one of our won brethren . . . a clear violation of the Code, 'twas."  Jack notes that Barbossa has a SUPER piratey voice.  Barbossa: "And hard tellin it be, sir.  Every time I think about me poor Polly . . ."  Mistress chin: "Who is this Polly?  Your doxy?"  Baarbossa: "Course not, ma'am.  'Tis bad luck to be bringing a woman aboard a ship.  Polly ain't-warn't-human."  Warn't?  That's one I haven't hear before, even from a pirate.  Villanueva: "Polly, that is the English name of a parrot."  Barbossa: "I did have a parrot named Polly once.  A fine bird he was, but he messed up the shoulder of me jacket.  But the Olly I lost after the battle was me little monkey.  Pretty little thing, she was.  Understood every word I said to her."  
He had a monkey named parrot.  That's just strange.  It's like if I had a gold fish named cat, or a bunny named snake.  Let's face it, Barboass is weird.  I think Jack is a more appropriate name for a monkey.  But Teague doesn't really care about Barbossa's pets, he just wants to know about the attack.  Barbosssa: "Aye, well.  Let me tell it as it happened, gents and ladies.  Me ship was tidy little schooner, name of Cobra. We were sailin' the waters north of Bermuda, on our way back from an encounter we'd had with a Frency barque.  Took a nice haul, we did.  Ivory.  We were ridin' low in the water, so laden we be.  Then me topman spies a sail.  We thought we'd take a look, so we changed course, and they must have spotted us, too, because they did likewise."  
Yeah, maybe changing course straight to a rogue pirate was not a smart idea.  Barbossa: "The moment we raised our true colors, that sloop, he run up his flag, too.  A red flag, with a black demon skull on it.  "Twas then I knew for certain that he was another pirate.  We all had a good laugh, me and the crew.  We waved at 'em,  They waved back.  Then I gives the order to come about, to put a rudder to 'em.  The code calls for us to respect our fellows on the account, and I was abiding to it."  You'd think Barbossa would know not to trust a pirate who sails under the red flag.  Well, it stinks for him that he didn't because then the ship starts to attack him.  The Cobra right back, but eventually it goes down.  Barbossa was in the water with no boar, but lucky for him Pintela and Ragetti, who are in a boat, pick him up to saftey.  
Barbossa: "Fools they be, but I'm grateful to 'em."  Yes, we can tell that Barbossa is just so nice to Pintel and Ragetti.  Eventually, the three are able to row to a small island until a ship is able to take them to Tortuga.  Don Rafael takes them from Tortuga to Shipwreck cove so Barbossa can testify.  We can't feel too bad for Barbossa though.  He just ends up stealing an even nicer ship from Jack.  I mean, who doesn't love the Black Pearl?

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