Sunday, December 30, 2012

"It's always belonged to you"

As you could imagine, once the Brethren Court defeated the E.I.T.C. armada, there was a lot of celebration and hat throwing. Once all the partying is over, the Dutchman and the Pearl sail away together.  Will, the new captain of the Dutchman stands at the quarter deck and stars across the sea.  His father comes over to see why he's being so pensive. 
 Bootstrap: "Orders sir."  Will: "You're no longer bound to the Dutchman.  You're free."  But Will's not :(  Bootstrap: "Aye.  That's a fine thing but by my reckoning I still have a debt that has to be paid, if you'll have me."  Make up for all those years you lost with your son, since you could be on the same ship for all eternity.  Will just smiles a bit.  Will: "On the wheel then, Mr. Turner."  Bootstrap: "Aye, Captain."  Will returns to staring at Elizabeth on the Pearl.  Bootstrap catches on.  Bootstrap: "This ship has a purpose again and where we are bound she cannot come.  One day ashore, ten years at sea.  It's a steep price for what has been done.  Will: Depends on the one day." Um, awkward much?  Ok, let's just skip over that.  Meanwhile, back on the Pearl Elizabeth finally turns away from staring at Will.  Gibbs comes over with good news.
 Gibbs: "You're chariot awaits, your highness."  He beckons towards a little rowboat being lowered.  Everyone is being so nice to her, probably because they feel bad she isn't having the dream marriage she planned on.  She still doesn't seem too happy though.  Gibbs: "The oars are inside."  He's a bit more sympathetic.  She walks down to where the rest of the crew is gathered to say good bye for some reason.  Barbossa starts off the mini conference.  Barbossa: "Mrs. Turner . . ."  It's awkward because Elizabeth told Barbossa that her last name was Turner when they first met, but now her last name actually is Turner!  How ironic.  Those were their parting words.  Pintel and Ragetti bow their heads next.  Pintel: "Good bye, poppet."  She just walks on by Murtog and Mullroy.  Elizabeth: "Jack, it would never have worked out between us."  Jack just smirks, in his super hot fashion as always.  Jack: "Keep telling yourself that, darling."  She smiles and reaches in for a hug.  Jack has other plans. He quickly blocks her.  Jack: "Once is quite enough."  Can I get some ice for that burn?  She just steps back embarrassed.  Elizabeth: "Thank you." With that, she gets into her boat and from what we know, they never see each other again.  So the couple arrives on shore of a little island together.  
They make their good byes, fight over boots, kiss a little until Will ruins the fun.  Will: "It's nearly sunset."  He starts to walk off without saying anything else.  He gets his special chest with the newly replaced heart.  Will: "It's always belonged to you."  Awwwwwww.  Sorry, but it is really sweet how he loved her since they were kids.  He picks up the chest and turns to her.  Will: "Will you keep it safe."  You can tell she's trying not to cry.  Elizabeth: "Yes.  Yes."  They lead in, but Will turns to leave, She gets slightly mad and runs after him.  Elizabeth: "WILL!"  And they have one last super romantic and sweet kiss on the beach as the tide comes up.  Once they are done with their long kiss, Will finishes: "Keep a weather eye on the horizon."  And that's that.  Ten years from that point she can look out onto the horizon for a green flash, and they'll meet again. 

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