Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"I am exterminating pirates"

If you're anything like me, you'll have a burning hatred towards Cutler Beckett's hatred towards pirates.  Now, its easy for us to judge him, because we can't possible imagine how any one could hate Captain Jack Sparrow.  Now, I still stay true to my initial feelings towards Beckett, but in the Price of Freedom we kinda start to see where his hatred towads pirates comes from.  In one of our latest posts, we listed Christophe-Julien de Rapier as our least favorite character.  So clearly we can't blame Beckett for sharing in this hate.  Now, Beckett leaves his house of snobs to work for the East India Trading Company at around eighteen.  

He worked at the office in London until he was assigned a tour of duty on board the Lindesfarne.  Things seemed to be working out just swimmingly for him until the ship was captured off the caost of Spain by none other than Captain de Rapier and his crew of rogue pirates.  The pirates took everything valuable on the ship, inlcuindg the people to be helpd for ransonm or sold into slavery.  Beckett gives the captain a bit of sass but Christophe got the last laugh.  
He gave the boy to the crew, who beat him and hit him with the flat of their swords.  They also stripped him and hung him upside-down laughing.  Why would anyone want to scare themselves in that way? They were about to start cutting off his limbs when Beckett went completely numb and din't react, which killed all the fun so they stopped.  Once all this humiliation was over, he reveals his background: a wealthy family who could pay ransom and that he worked for the EITC.  So they pirates sent a ransom notice to his family while he cleaned the bilges.  All the other people held for ransom were eventually released but since Beckett and the other Becketts never got along, his father never sent money for his ransom.  Not going to lie, how pitiful and cruel to leave your own son to be tortured by pirates.  So the EITC chips in.  
Viscount Lord Penwallow (who we address in other posts), sends money for his ransom and Christophe decides that Beckett wouldn't be worth much as a slave anyway and lets him go.  So such a miserable experience I suppose could drive out the goodness in some men.  Beckett clearly was not strong enough to recover from such an ordeal.  He never spoke of it to any one.  Instead of drinking or other immoral practices to block out the memory, Beckett sought wealth to return to power and excape the humiliation.  That's where Beckett's vain and greed comes from.  He worked incredibly hard in the EITC to pay back Lord Penwallow for the money.  He continued to move up in the compayny becoming Director of West African Affairs and even earns the title of "Lord" by the second movie!  If Beckett weren't such an evil twisted person, I guess you could see his rise to power as admirable.  he started out with humble begninnings, rejected by his family, to becoming a Lord!  However, Beckett completely abuses his power and there really is just no excuse.  

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