Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"To Finding Zerzura"

When we last left off with Ayisha, she was working at the Dalton farm outside Calabar with her body guard, Tarek.  However, during this time Cutler Beckett is out for power, and money along the way  He plans on finding the secret island of Zerzura, where Ayisha is princess.  Beckett gets his new agent, Ian Mercer, to do some of the dirty work for him.  Remember how Ayisha took off her jewelry when seh was captured?  
Well Mercer and Beckett find this jewelry and recognize it from the legends of Zerzura.  Mercer searches to find who was in that same group captured with the jewelry, which leads him to find Ayisha. Tarek's past wasn't discovered but Piye's was so Ayisha is reunited with him once Beckett pays a fortune for Ayisha.  She's extremely good at keeping her identity though.  She hardly ever speaks and doesn't let anything on.  Mercer and Beckett turn to Piye for information.  But this doesn't really go as planned.  Mercer: "I'd barely started on him, The pain wasn't that much.  No sign of an apoplexy, no clutching of his chest or anything of the sort.  I've handled dozens of interrogations Mr. Beckett, but I've never seen anything quite like it.  The old savage just closed his eyes . . . and stopped.  Like a clock."  What really happened was that Piye, instead of betraying his people, prayed to Apedemak, the guardian of his country to let him die then first.  After that, Beckett and Mercer were way too scared to try anything like that on Ayisha in fear that she might do the same and their only chance at Kerma would be gone.  
So Beckett comes up with a better idea.  INstead of threatening her into giving him the information that he wants, he plans on persuading her into it.  Except neither Beckett nor Mercer are very attractive, friendly, or likable, so there's not hope there.  Conveniently, Beckett has become rather close with an EXTREMELY charming, hot, and manipulative sailor, and you can guess who that is: Captain Jack Sparrow.  
So Beckett comes begging Jack for his help: "Jack, we've run out of options with this woman. I fear I am not, and Mercer certainly is not charming. But you are, Jack. You have charm in spades. People like you, when you exert yourself to be likeable. Women like you. I want you to charm this woman into telling us where Kerma is."  Of course, there is money involved.  
Beckett offers Jack part of the treasure they plan to find in the Labyrinth of Zerzura, thirty percent to be exact.  Then they toast of course.  "To finding Zerzura."  "To Finding Zerzura."  Beckett and Jack are actually teaming up on something!  Even though Jack is still skeptical on this whole collaborating with Beckett thing.  Now, they want all this took seem real.  Jack informs Beckett that to gain Ayisha's trust, he must meet here independently of Beckett so that it seems like he's her savior, rescuer, deliverer of freedom.  Then, he will convince her to run away to freedom with him, where he will drop her off at Kerma and get the secret bearings, which he may or may not give to Beckett, depending on the mood.  Jack starts too plot out the whole adventure with him and this next woman.

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