Saturday, March 16, 2013

"You Will Go. You Will Return."

I just realized that we haven't had a favorite list in such a long time!  So I decided that tonight was the night!  I thought I'd do one to accompany our most recent poll, asking you which characters you would like to see returning in the fifth and probably final installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Now, in the past I many have said it was set to come out on July 15, 2015, but actually it's July 10, 2015, meaning it's five days closer than I expected!  I absolutely cannot wait for its release.  That's only 845 days away!  So who do you want to see once again on the big screen?  Well, besides Captain Jack Sparrow, because no really pirates fan would ever want to see him leave.  
5) Philip Swift
While I'm not a big fan of him, I am hoping to see his return in 2015.  In the mean time I'll be watching him in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in which Sam Clafin will play Finick Odair!  YAYAY!  But as far as his character goes in this series, I think it could use a bit more development, which I'm hoping to see in the next movie.  I want to really see him fight.  I think he was in a bit of battle during the Battle for the Fountain of Youth, but he got injured pretty quickly o he ran back to his love.  I'm really hoping to see some more action come from him.  Perhaps he can permanently join Jack's crew and become a true pirate.  He would make a nice moral compass for them. As for his counter part, Syrena, I'm less excited to see her in.  Perhaps their love can die and he can find someone better.
4) Angelica
I really would like to know if she ever gets off that island.  Hopefully she didn't die there.  I really also wonder if she and Jack will ever actually kiss.  They do seem to have some deep history, and we all know that unfortunately, Jack actually did have feelings for her.  Those feelings probably haven't entirely disappeared so there could be more drama in the next movie.  Not to mention she makes a pretty good partner for Jack in battle.  They could kick some serious butt together.  At the very end of the last movie, she also has Jack's voodoo doll with her on the island.  If you didn't know that you should really know better than to just leave before the end of the credits of a movie likes this.  Now you'll have to watch it again, and this time actually watch it all, which shouldn't be too much of a chore.  I also want to know what Angelica is really like without having to kiss up to her daddy, Blackbeard.  Now he's dead so she can go on her own crazy rampages.  She won't have the Queen Anne's Revenge either though since Barbossa took that.  Gee, I wonder if that's what will happen next movie.  I'm sure she'll want it back to avenge her father.
3) Pintel and Ragetti
I know that technically they are two different people but really they are a set to me since they are always together and one without the other really just wouldn't be the same.  Plus, it's not like I could list one over the other.  They are so stupidly hilarious that neither one is more so than the other. The way they are always bickering is classic.  And you can't really bicker with yourself can you?  Well, maybe that's not true because even I find myself talking to myself sometimes. It's rather embarrassing.  I really missed this pair in the last movie.  However, hopefully now that Jack has the Pearl back, he can get them out of the bottle and they can all set sail together again!  I wouldn't be surprised if that is a big part of the plot of the next movie.  
2) Hector Barbossa
He's been in all of the movies, while very little in Dead Man's Chest and this next one should really be no different. He and Jack are a bit like Pintel and Ragetti: always at odds with each other yet sometimes they do have to work together to achieve a common goal.  This movie, however, he should have his monkey back.  It just wasn't the same without it in the last movie.  His crazy pirate talk is hilarious because usually you don't have the slightest clue what he is even talking about.  He is also so rude the his crew, always yelling insults at them.  Imagine if you used this kind of language towards the people you were mad at.  Like, if you teacher gives you three hours of math homework and you scream, "YOU BLOOMING COCKROACH!"  Think of how people would respond to that!
1) Joshamee Gibbs
I didn't list him as an potion on the poll because I thought, "Who wouldn't want Gibbs back?"  Am I right?  If you think I'm wrong, feel free to let me know by commenting, (but please do not spam us).  He's been Jack's loyal first mate in all of the past movies and this one should really be no exception!  He seems to get Jack on a level that perhaps no one else can (well, except me of course :P).  They are always sharing a good laugh, or a drink!  He's also pretty darn good at explaining things throughout the series, like how Jack was captain of the Pearl and marooned, or the dangers of the Kraken, or how Jack has an impostor.  Who would know anything with out him?  Hopefully, the actor is asked and signs on again for a fifth movie because we desperately need him to come back!


  1. I love your blog so much! Especially your lists!

  2. I love your blog so much! Especially your lists!