Monday, April 9, 2012

"Sometimes I Just . . . Improvise"

 Jack and Barbossa are back working for the same side again.  Both are in need of the chalices for the Fountain of Youth and the death of Blackbeard.  Jack, Gibbs, Barbossa, and his crew find the Spanish camp in the middle of the night and make plans to steal the chalices.  Jack has a plan.  Jack: "Stealth over force.  I'll take it from here on account of your condition.  You don't have termites, do you?"  Barbossa disagrees; what does only having one leg have to do with things?  Barbossa: "I appreciate your concern, Jack, but I'll be keeing you company all the same.  Hold here, Lieutenant Commander.  Wait for my signal."
With that the two new allies make their way into the camp.  They swim across the river (which I assume is hard with only one leg) and hide in the forest.  Barbossa catches a glimpse of what they're up against.  Barbossa: "There.  That one.  That be the leader.  Make note of his tent because that's where . . . No, wait.  By God, that must be them right there."  They now know the location of the chalices, so they crawl through the grass to get even closer.  Barbossa, his sword out, is almost stabbing Jack with his sword as they crawl.  Jack: "Your sword smells funny."  Barbossa: "Aye.  Poison from the innards of poisonous toads.  Just a scratch, you're a dead man in minutes."  As you can imagine, Jack does not feel comfortable with a poisonous sword inches from his face.  Jack: "Would you mind pointing it the other way?  I don't like toads."  Barbossa stops crawling and stands up on his one leg.  Jack: "What are you doing?"  Barbossa: "Planning an escape route.  Isn't that how you do it?"  Jack always knows best.  
Jack: "Yes. Or sometimes I just. . . Improvise."  That sounds like a better plan.  Jack sneaks into the tent and steals one chalice as a Spaniard examines the other.  The Spaniard puts the chalice down and looks to get the next, but it's gone.  He looks back to the one he just had, and of course, Barbossa has already taken it. What a good team.  The Spaniard checks under the table, but Barbossa is already poised to knock him out with his cane.  Bye bye.  
Barbossa: "Now what?"  Jack: "We stroll out, slow and steady.  Just like we belong."  At first it seems to work, but they meet a Spanish soldier and all three draw their swords at the same time.  Then more Spaniards come, then more Spaniards come, but Jack finds away to beat them and they make there away to the forest where they find a pleasant suprise.  More Spaniards!  But this time they are all pointing rifles at them.  Gotta love them Spaniards.  The two are tied to some palm trees and left on their own.  Jack: "How's that escape route working?"  Barbossa: "Here's your chance to improvise."  Jack: "I'm attempting it."  Jack gets his hands free but he's still wrapped around the stupid tree.  So he slowly pushes his body upward.  Barbossa just watches in awe.  
Jack makes it to the top of the palm tree, he ties the rope around a coconut.  
He uses this rope/coconut thing to tie a knot around another tree.  This is some serious Tarzan stuff.  Jack somehow pulls the tree towards him, which allows the tree to catapult him through the sky and into another tree.  Well, people flying through the sky and bending trees tends to not go unnoticed.  The Spaniards set out to find the escaped priosner.  With everyone distracted, one of Barbossa's men comes and frees him from the tree.  Meanwhile, Jack starts to drop coconuts onto the soldiers and flies around on a rope, kicking them in the face.
Jack then uses his rope to tie them around the tree instead and leaves them with a courteous bow.  Jack meets Barbossa and his crew as they start to make their way out of Palm Tree Grove.  Barbossa: "I'm sorry about the chalices, Jack, but I've an appointment to keep.  I'll not be going back."  You did all that for nothing?  Good thing Jack Sparrow always saves the day.  Jack: "No need!  Shall we have a drink?"  Good old Jack ahs got the cups.  Barbossa: "We'll drink at the Fountain."  Well where's the fun in that?

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