Sunday, June 17, 2012

"My Compass Works Fine."

So being a pirate has its perks, (constantly being drunk comes to mind.)  But seriously who else get to sail around the world finding treasure and fighting bad guys? Jack Sparrow would be complete lost on all of these voyages  without his trusty compass, lets face it being drunk all the time isn't so great when you have to steer a ginormous ship.  Jack is always pulling out his compass to make sure they are still on course, and miles away from large  sea monsters and crazy old pirates. So today i'm going to list my favorite "headings". 
4. The secret Island of Kerma.
Before Jack Sparrow was a pirate, he captained a merchant vessel  The Wicked Wench. He was given a mission by Cutler Beckett to find the lost island of Kerma,  nobody knew if it actually existed or where in the world it might be, except for a slave girl named Ayisha,  She was secretly a princess but not many people knew about that.  She help Jack and his crew find the island but begged for Jack to help them remain hidden.  Jack had a thing for this girl so he decided to give up his chance for gold and a promotion to help her people. How sweet! When he returned from his journey Beckett wasn't very pleased, He tried to burn Jack's ship and almost killed our beloved captain. But Jack summoned Davy Jones and struck a deal with him that cam back to bite him in the butt many many times.
3.  The Fountain of Youth.
 Jack kind of stumbled on to this journey, after being kidnapped by his former love Angelica and press ganged into her crew.  He was forced to use his compass a few times on this treasure hunt because Blackbeard kept throwing him off cliffs and trusting him to find his own way. Lucky for him he did....eventually.  After he reunited with Blackbeard/Angelica's crew it became apparent that he had no idea where he was, or more importantly where the fountain was.  Against all odds he figured out how to open the wall (crazy right?)  that led to the fountain.  believe Unfortunately he had to kill Blackbeard to save Angelica.  (oh yeah he doesn't care about her at all....we totally believe that.)  And then he marooned her on an island. Hmm, Jack's logic is a little off....Maybe he was a little drunk?  
2.  Isla de Pelegostos. 
This island was found by Jack first, and intended to stay and rule as the chief,  but dumb Will got  captured by some cannibals and was placed in a cage with the other members of the crew, He also came up with the escape plan, While all of this is going on, Jack is siting pretty on his thrown thinking he is pretty much set for life. Until the cannibals decided they wanted to eat him.The crew had escaped, and started setting sail without Jack. (how rude!)  But he made it on board just in time to escape the cannibals looking very nice in their "time to eat our god in human form" paint.
1.  Isla de Muerta. 
 Jack actually finds this island twice during the movie,  The first time he and will when in together to check it out,  will slunk off to do something stupid, while Jack negotiated the release of Elizabeth Swann.  Jack revisited the island after chatting it up with Norrington to fight Barbossa and reclaim his ship.  He won the battle of course (he's Jack Sparrow duh)  and got some treasure out of it i'm sure, just no Aztec gold.

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