Sunday, July 29, 2012

"So there is a curse...that's interesting."

We all know Pirates are not the brightest bulbs in the box, but stealing cursed gold was an all time low for the crew of The Black Pearl. After realizing they were cursed the crew had to chase down all gold they spent and or threw in the ocean (haha just kidding, but it wouldn't surprise me at the rate they're going).  They had found all but one piece and when Elizabeth fell into big blue wearing said coin as a medallion it sent a shock wave through the sea and alerted the pirates of it location. Soon after Elizabeth's unfortunate swim the Pearl arrived in Port Royal, and we got to see all their wonderful skeleton faces every time they stepped into the moonlight.  Some of them look better the others, my favorite cursed members are:
4. Pintel and Ragetti

While the crew was attacking Port Royal Pintel and Ragetti gained access to the Governor's mansion. After searching high and low they found what they were looking for; Elizabeth Swann and the last missing gold coin, they were very cordial and gave her a nice greeting "Hallo, poppet."  Mission accomplished,stinks to be you Elizabeth! (For that and many other reasons)  They also get another important job of dressing up like ladies to distract the Royal Navy.  Clever, right?
 3. The Bo'sun 
 Well lets just say the Bo'sun has a very short fuse. And he isn't Jack's biggest fan (duh we are!) "You will speak when spoken to" He angrily spat out at Jack when they were reunited on Isla de Muerta. Later on while still cursed he led the charge against the Royal Navy while Jack and Barbossa were locked in an epic duel. He was eventually killed after the curse was lifted.
2. Hector Barbossa
 I know I should hate him for trying to kill Jack but the duel they had so great I have to honor Captain Barbossa. (Plus I secretly love him!)  Anyways,  He thinks he has the upper hand because he is immortal. But, so is Jack(surprise!).  So they fight all around the cave trash talking all the way "So what now, Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle 'til Judgement Day and trumpets sound, hmm?", and avoiding treasure to stay on their feet.  All the while Will is waiting until the perfect moment to spill a drop of blood on the cursed gold.  
1. Jack Sparrow
During this epic duel Jack revealed his immortality to Barbossa when he was fatally stabbed and didn't die"I couldn't resist, mate." (speaking of the aztec gold). He dramatically posed with a sword threw his torso, and examined his exposed finger bones while Hector looks on in disbelief.  After Jack has his fun, its back to the duel but not for long. Jack signals Will and simultaneously they delivered the fatal blow. Jack shot Barbossa with the gun he was given when his crew marooned him, and Will spilled some blood for a good cause to break the curse. and Hector died surrounded by gold, a Pirate's dream come true.

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