Thursday, August 16, 2012

"You get to choose, Mr. Sparrow."

After tramping through the forest somewhat aimlessly Jack and his followers come to an abrupt halt. In front of a cliff with a rickety bridge. Blackbeard doesn't trust Jack's compass anymore (frankly neither would i) He volunteers Jack to jump over the cliff to see if anyone can survive the drop.  Blackbeard challenges Jack of a game of chance, played with one of a pirates favorite things: guns.  If Jack guesses right Angelica doesn't get shot, if he guesses wrong she dies.  Jack makes a joke of it and grabs a loaded one. He doesn't think Blackbeard would ever put his daughter's life in danger, well he was wrong.  After that tension filled game, Blackbeard (whose sleeve is clearly fulls of tricks) pulls out a voodoo doll. modeled after our dear Jack.  The quartermaster grabs it and dangled it over the cliff. Jack, worried for his life starts chatting with the darling sailor Jack: "Oi. If I jump, will I survive?" Quartermaster:"...The doll. [Angelica gives him the doll, he starts chanting, and the Quartermaster throws it and Jack screams as it falls]...Yes, now you will survive."   
How reassuring.  Eventually Jack jumps, and lands with a splash in the stream below. 
 Jack is not happy! "Wet, wet again."  He sets off to continue the search for the chalices, while the rest of Blackbeard's crew trudges on through the jungle.  While on their wonderful hike Phillip swift being the sweet caring man that he is saves the life of the  mermaid he named Syrena and carries her to the crews next stop (what a sweetie!) Meanwhile, our favorite not so sweet pirate is hashing it out with he old friend Barbossa on board Ponce de Leon's ship in search of the items needed for the ritual to be performed later.  
They found the box that was supposed to have the chalices, empty of course. And hatch a plan to get them back from the sneaky Spaniards. One that involves trees and rope and maybe some coconuts.  Blackbeard and his crew arrived at a set of pools other crews have used to hole mermaid's while on the quest towards the Fountain of Youth.  Blackbeard threatens her with death if she doesn't give them the tear he needs for the aforementioned rituals. She refuses, dooming herself to a nice long soak in the mermaid pool under the hot sun. Phillip tries to convince her to just cry one single tear to spare her life.  Watching them interact gives Blackbeard an idea. He ordered the quartermaster to grab Phillip and kill him in front of Syrena, she then gave him what he wanted, Phillip was thrown away and left to die. Blackbeard gathered he troops and they hiked on in search of long life to be bought with the life of another.  (pretty barbaric if you ask me.)  Jack and Barbossa however, are in a bit of a pickle. Maybe the coconuts will come into play? I certainly hope so!


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