Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Hoist the colors!"

When one lady appears to be abandoning the pirates in The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, another steps up to the plate.  Newly elected by popular vote, "King" of the Brethren Court, Captain Elizabeth Swann continues to persist that they Brethren Court stand up to the East India Trading Company and win the War on Piracy even though Calypso seems to be of no help to them.  But Captain Jack Sparrow, her only supporter, is no longer on the Black Pearl to stick up for her, since Elizabeth traded him for Will Turner.  Smart.  But Will, being the loyal fiance he is, also stays by her side.  And together they convince the rest of the Brethren Court and the pirates.   Elizabeth: "It's not over."  Will: "There's still a fight to be had."  Aka, a fight to loose.  Gibbs: "We've an armada against us, and with the Dutchman, there's no chance."  Elizabeth: "There's only a fool's chance."  But most people don't want to be considered a fool, and then killed in battle, so it's gonna take some more convincing.  Barbossa: "Revenge won't bring your father back, Miss Swann, and it's not somehting I'm intending to die for."  Barbossa has already died and came back from the dead, so maybe a more correct term would be, "it's not something I'm intending to die for, again."  
Elizabeth: "You're right.  Then what shall we die for?"  Pretty deep and personal question there.  And recently, Barbossa died trying to lift the curse of the Aztec gold.  And then Elizabeth gets in one of those super bossy modes, which usually she reserves for only Jack adn Barbossa, but now she's exposing her true colors to the whole crew of the Black Pearl.  Elizabeth: "You will listen to me.  LISTEN!"  Assert yourself, girl!  She then starts storming around the deck.  She climbs up on the rail, so that not only the Pearl can hear, but all the other pirates who attended the meeting.  Wow.  Elizabeth continues: "The Brethren will still be looking her to us, (and hearing you with that voice you're using) to the Black Pearl, to lead.  And what will they see?  Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? (Harsh much?)  NO.  No, they will see free men and freedom!"  How are they free men?  They're listening to you're screamed orders.  Just saying.  Okay, no more interruptions.  
Elizabeth: "And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons.  They will hear the ring of our swords, AND THEY WILL KNOW WHAT WE CAN DO!  By the sweat of our brows, and the strength of our backs . . . and the courage of our hearts.  Gentlemen . . . hoist the colors."  Isn't it nice of her to go from calling them "bilge rats" to having "courage" and then "gentlemen"?  It seems to warm every one up, because like I said before, good speakers always end up being leaders.  The whole crew begins to realize how they need to get their act together and fight, begining with Will.  
Will: "Hoist the colors."  And of course, the silly pirates are easily fooled by Elizabeth, so they join in.  Ragetti: "Hoist the colors."  Pintel: "Hoist the colors!"  Gibbs: "Aye.  The wind's on our side, boys.  That's all we need!" Gibbs has turned the frown upside down.  The whole frew shout in support and raise their swords.  It's actually really cool how they all shout in unison, pretty intense, seriously.  And Elizabeth, being the king, starts to command the other nearby pirate ships: "Hoist the colors!"  
The people on her "ship", Sao Feng's men, all start cheering in Chinese.  And soon everyone is hoisting their flags and cheering.  Okay, no sarcasm, this scene is epic.  Like, all the best pirates in the world are all cheering, the E.I.T.C. doesn't stand a chance.  And all the while, Elizabeth is for some reason still on the Pearl watching all her new subjects, and she is then joined by Barbossa and Will.  
And I guess the three of them are temporary captains of the Pearl.  And finally, Jack's flag is raised on the leader of the attack's ship.  Jack really does have the coolest flag.  So all this noice and commotion can be heard on the other side of the battle zone, where Lord Cutler Beckett is having some tea and sugar.  Not quite as epic . . . but still tasty!  An E.I.T.C. sailor, named Theodore Groves, comes over with an important message: "We have a favorable wind, sir."  Beckett: "Oh, so we do."  I thought it was favorable to the pirates . . . I guess everyone is rather optimistic today.   
Beckett: "Signal Jones to give no quarter.  That should brighten his day."  Davy Jones has feelings?  As if Jones even takes prisoners, ever.  Ian Mercer whose watching over the Flying Dutchman sees the message and announces: "To arms!  We give no quarter!"  Now the Dutchman crew is all excited, but their captain is troubled.  Because he can tell by the sky that something is different.  Davy Jones: "Calyspo."  And then he starts roaring as it starts to rain.  Interesting.  The Dutchman is the first to depart from the EITC ships, and of course the Black Pearl leads the pirates into battle.  This movie just keeps getting more and more epic. :D Let the games begin!  

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