Friday, September 14, 2012

"Funny old world, isn't it?"

So I'm not sure if you read a post of ours a while back that was all about apples.  Well prepare yourself!  Because we have come upon another scene in The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl what involves more apples! Nom nom nom nom nom.  Crunch!  We find our dear Captain Jack Sparrow in his used-to-be cabin (that is not longer painted periwinkle) chitchatting with his dear frenemy Hector Barbossa.  Unfortunately, the cabin and all of the Black Pearl is still under Barbossa's control.  But that's what Jack here is trying to change.  Jack wants Barbossa to give him the Black Pearl, in exchange that Jack tells Barbossa who the son of William Turner is.  Of course, the son of William Turner is William Turner, which to me, is kinda obvious.  But clearly Barbossa hasn't put two and two together and needs Jack's help.  So then Jack leaves Barbossa and his cursed crew off some where without a boat to find Will and lift their awful curse.  Barbossa doesn't exactly like this plan.  
Barbossa: "So you expect to leave me on some beach with nothing but a name and your word that it's the one I need and watch you sail away on my ship?"  Pirates are so stuborn!  Jack, of course, doesn't exactly see it that way.  Jack: "No.  I expect to leave you on some beach with absolutely no name at all, watching me sail away on MY ship, and then I'll shout the name back to you.  Savvy?"  
Sounds like a plan to me.  Barbossa: "That still leaves the problem of me on some beach with naught but a name and your word it's the one I need."  This is when Jack  begins to examine the red and green apples sitting on the table between him and Barbossa.  Jack: "Of the two of us, I am the only one who hasn't committed mutiny.  (Not for long!)  Therefore, my word is the one we'll be trusting."  Good point.  I'm not so sure how much I'd trust the man who left me on an island with nothing but a way to kill myself.  But then Jack has a revelation: "Although, I suppose I should be thanking you, becasue, in fact, if you hadn't betrayed me and left me to die, I would have an equal share in that curse, same as you.  Funny old world, isn't it?"  Jack then takes a nice bite into a green apple, which we all know Barbossa is dying to taste.  
Barbossa, on the other hand, doesn't quite find this so funny.  But it's okay because Jack then offers Barbossa an apple!  Oh wait . . .  The Bo'sun then comes in with news: "Captain.  We're coming up on the Interceptor."  Barbossa needs to catch the Interceptor because that's where his last peice of cursed gold is.  But Barbossa doesn't know that the blood he needs is also on that ship.  Imagine Barbossa standing all alone on an island like Jack wanted, and then finding out that he really could have had the heir all along if he only realized that Bootstrap Bill had named his son after himself sooner.  Like Jack said, funny old world.  But Jack just doesn't give up.  
He, Barbossa, and his apple, climb up onto the quarter deck when Jack sees that the Black Pearl is just as fast as she used to be and has caughten up with the other ship.  Barbossa is spying on the ship, when Jack comes up with a plan and sticks his head right into Barbossa's spyglass, giving Barbossa a nice view of his uvula.  Jack: "I'm having a thought here, Barbossa."  Barbossa grudgingly lowers his spyglass.  
Jack: "What say we run up a flag of truce, I scurry over to the Interceptor, and I negotiate the return of your medallion?  Aye?  What say you to that?"  Barbossa: "I say that's the attitude that lost you the Pearl.  People are easier to searchw hen they're dead.  Lock him in the brig."  Um, that's a nice attitude.  Barbossa thinks Jack wants to hop on board the Interceptor so that nobody has to die and they can get the medallion and all live hapily ever after.  But in reality, Jack wants to get his butt onto the other ship so he can somehow find a way to get Will onto his side and get rid his ship of Barbossa.  
But instead Jack gets the brig, and Barbossa gets the apple.  Barbossa just stares at the apple before chucking it over the railing and into the sea. Don't blame the apple for your greed, man.  So down below deck, the Bo'sun shoves Jack behind the bars.  But the ground is kinda wet.  Jack: "Apparently, there's a leak."  You gotta love Jack's attitude!  

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