Monday, September 17, 2012

"You can mistrust me less than you can mistrust him"

When I go to the beach i like to build sandcastles, When Jack, Norrington, and Elizabeth go to the beach they hunt for hearts...Weirdos. After Gibbs spotted land the trio a fore mentioned accompanied  by the silly pirates headed inland armed with shovels, swords and Jack's compass. They start searching the beach unsuccessfully at first, But Jack enlisted the help of Elizabeth's butt, he tossed her the compass and apparently she was sitting on the spot of the buried chest, Shes no princess! They dig up the chest with their handy pirate shovels, unfortunately it has a lock. Lucky for them Will pops up with the key. Will went through great and nasty things to get the key from its owner; Davy Jones. 
Will is a not a huge fan of Jack right now, Ha well I wouldn't be either if I were sold into slavery on a pirate ship full of whack jobs; undead whack jobs at that! So they (Jack and Will) have a quick chat after a kiss from his sweet-heart/crazy-lady Elizabeth , Jack: "We cannot let him get the chest, Will, trust me on this. You can mistrust me less than you can mistrust him, trust me." Will: "He just wants Elizabeth for himself." Jack: "Pot. Kettle. Black."   
Clearly that chat didn't go so well because after a short discussion between all three of the male pirates three swords were drawn and Jack, Will, and Norrington were off to the races  swinging those swords all along the way. They headed into the jungle and stumbled upon some ruins and a pretty awesome fight took place.  They skipped along the skimpy ruins, Jack somehow snagged the key from Will while avoiding a swipe from Norrington and disengaged from the fight.  Will and Norrington accidentally dislodged a disintegrating water wheel and started rolling towards Jack. Jack disengaged again by hiding in a grave. The wheel rolled past him, while they weren't looking 
Jack went off to find the chest.  Elizabeth was chasing after the silly pirates who had grabbed the chest  when she  looked behind her and saw some of the previously mentioned whack jobs where also chasing the silly pirates, Jack happened upon this fight and grabbed the chest. After he had escaped from the seeing eyes of his companions he opened the chest and grabbed the heart. Jack left behind the empty chest (later to be picked up by one of the silly pirates i think) and rushed off with the heart.  The whole group of living pirates met up on the beach and continued to fight for a little while longer. During all of this Jack hid the heart in his jar of dirt where he though it would be safe and returned to the fight.
Meanwhile the undead pirates showed up and joined the fight at some point Norrington noticed the dirt that Jack had spilled in his rushed attempt to hide the heart and pooped open the jar dumped its contents. He discovered the heart and grabbed it, hiding it in his nasty uniform. He rejoined the group quickly before anyone noticed his absence in during the fight. To distract the pirates Norrington was sent of into the jungle with the empty chest while the other pirates fled the island in the long boat that they arrived in. When the undead pirates overtook Norrington he dropped the chest and ran off further into the jungle. One of the whack jobs discovered the chest was empty and was understandably angry about his failure to complete the mission. The undead crew members reluctantly returned to their ship the Flying Dutchman and told Davy Jones about the loss of his heart. The Flying Dutchman quickly sailed of to chase Jack Sparrow who they thought had their Captain's precocious heart.

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