Sunday, September 16, 2012

"We summon you."

As creepy and evil as Davy Jones' is, he actually helps out the Brethren Court in the book The Price of Freedom.  All the Brethren believe that Boris Palachnik is the infamous rogue pirate who they've all been looking for.  Well, everyone except Boris, or Borya as he's better known.  
So the Brethren hold a trial where they get all these people to testify against him, including Jack Sparrow, Esmeralda, and Ragetti.  But they're still not so sure.  So Pirate Lords turn to their last resort: Davy Jones.  Mistress Ching: "The first Brethren Court made the alliance with Captain Jones, and that right has been passed down through the ages, to the assembled Pirate Lords.  I was present when Jones was summoned, many years ago.  It is not something we should do lightly.  Does this situation warrant a summoning?"  Don Ragael: "I believe it does.  These rogue pirates threaten our freedom, our way of life.  They have brasenly defied the Code.  We must act."  And act they do.  All the Brethren, including some other pirates like Jack and Esmeralda, regroup on Captain Teague's, Keeper of the Code, ship, the Troubadour.  The four Pirate Lords gather around and speak in unison these magical words: "Davy Jones . . . we, the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court, call you.  By our alliance giving us power over the sea, binding the queen in her bones, we entreat you.  Come to us, Davy Jones.  We summon you.  We summon you.  We summon you."  
Did anyone else pick up on there reference to Tia Dalma?  Of course, at this point Jack does know that the first Brethren Court bound the queen of the sea, Calypso, Davy Jones' long lost love into an obeah women named Tia Dalma.  But since they did this very kind deed for Jones, that causes so many problems later to come,  they are allowed to call up on Davy Jones.  Although, they try to avoid doing that becasue when he shows up, it pretty much freaks everyone out, including Esmeralda.  So Jack puts his arm around her as comfort.  How sweet :D But Davy Jones is a moster, how unsweet.  He has claws on his right leg and left arm insstead of a hand and foot, and tentacles on his other arm.  Ew.  And don't even get me started on that awful stuff on his face.  While everyone is either speechless or passed out from the awful creature in the midst, Teague takes control.  
Teague: "Thank you for honoring our summons, Captain Jones.  We the PIrate Lords face possible treason in our numbers.   You are lord of the sea, so we know you will be able to tell us wheter this man, Borya Palanchnik, has been committing wanton slaughter on the seas . . . sending you many souls."  Jones creepily goes over to Borya and his tenacles extend towards his face.  Gross.  That would be enough to make me just confess right there.  But he doesn't need to.  Jones: "Yes.  He is the one.  He has sent me many dead for more than a year now.  He commands others.  There are seven captains under his command, and they all send me souls.  Mercy is something they know not.  Their ships bring only death."  So now that Davy Jones' work is done, he's about to leave.  But Jack, who gets a nice view of Jones' back side ( the lovely hood of a squid bulging from beneath the hat, decides to ask him one more question.  Jack: "Excuse me, um, Captain Jones.  What about the brass bow chaser?  What did Borya do with it?"  It was his brass bow chaser that lead Jack find out that Borya was the infamous pirate after all.  But out of desperation, Borya had some how made it disappear, causing lots of confusion among the Court.  
Jones then takes one good look through Jack's eyes, something we know won't be the be the last time.  Jones: "Who are you?"  An awesome pirate who's going to cause you a heck of a lot of trouble in the future.  Jack: "I'm Jack Sparrow.  I was-am-a witness in this matter.  Captain Jones, you know what happened to taht cannon, I'm sure, because you know everything that happens in your domain."  Jones: "You are correct, young Sparrow.  Captain Palachnik's brass bow chaser now lies at the bottom of Shipwreck cove."  So Borya just frantically threw the thing into he ocean.  Jones then reveals that Christophe is another rogue in Shipwreck City.  After all that trouble is done, Jones disappears again.  And that's the last Jack seas of him until he and Jones strike up that deal for the Black Pearl that becomes quite a big deal in the later times to come!

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