Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Look sharp now, lads."

You should know by now that Jack hasn't always been a pirate captain. After escaping  the ship he was press-ganged onto by his ex-Bestfriend Christophe De Rapier. He then began to move up the ladder of the EITC and eventually got up to first mate on the EITC ship the Fair Wind.  Unfortunately the captain he sailed under was a real idiot.  While sailing along with a cargo of rum Jack discovered some of his crew members had been sneaking samples of the cargo. "This rum is half gone. WHY is the rum gone? I will TELL you why the rum is gone. This half-empty cask, which as of last night was full of rum bound for England, rum entrusted to this vessel to be carried in her hold until we reach our destination, rum intended to be sold to the taverns and cellars of England, to slake English thirsts is gone because several members of this crew that stands before me, this same crew of misbegotten scurvy sea dogs, crept down into the hold and GUZZLED it!" After punishing them with some with some dunking's Jack and his friend Robby Greene a fellow escapee spotted a ship flying a flag every captain should fear. Robby:"Heaven help us. Either the sun has gotten to me, or I know that vessel." Jack: "You're not seeing things, Robby. It's Venganza, and we're her quarry." Luckily Jack persuaded his crew not to fight , however he wasn't so lucky with Captain Bainbridge. Apparently Bainbridge had been "in his cups" and wasn't thinking clearly. He completely ignored Jack's advice and tried to attack the Captain of the pirate vessel, who just happened to be a woman. That last little fact really ticked off Bainbridge, who was a stickler for tradition and didn't feel woman should sail. Because of his poor health and inebriated state on slight touch from Esmeralda's sword killed the poor Captain. As it turns out Jack and Esmeralda are old friends. They reunited and had a nice private dinner and agreed to a plan; Esmeralda would take some of the cargo to appease her crew, and then Esmeralda's ship sailed would accompany the Fair Wind back to an EITC port in London and then leave Jack to explain the strange circumstances to his new boss. Upon arrival in Calabar Jack cleaned up and then went to visit his boss

 Cutler Beckett had been recently placed in charge of the EITC's office in Calabar, Africa. And when Jack went to visit him he had just finished settling in, not one to hide his wealth Beckett had some of his greatest finds on display.  Jack recognized a few of these pieces from a book he had once read written by a pirate. Cutler was a little skeptical of Jack's story, but he saw promise in Jack so he ignored his inner thoughts, for a while that is. "Generally when EITC employees save the company money, I award them a nice bonus. Say ten pounds. However I suspect that there are things you would much prefer to have rather than a monetary bonus, if I judge your character correctly. So... how would a promotion to captain suit you, as well as a vessel to command?Jack was very please with this proposition until Cutler let on that the ship Jack would be captaining was a slave ship. Jack immediately refused the position.  A tad disappointed Cutler tried a new tactic; He offered Jack a ship he could make his own and sail with less offensive cargo. Jack accepted. If only he knew how many adventures he would have with his new ship the Wicked Wench...

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