Thursday, October 18, 2012

"What's your play, Jack?"

I was thinking that we've been missing a good Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides post for a while now.  So I've decided to fill in this void.  It's the most recenet of the films and sadly may stick this way for quite a while.  Yes, it is true they are working on a script for the next movie of the series, but unfortunately no title or date has been announced.  So for the time being, I say we just enjoy our latest movie.  I like On Stranger Tides because it brings in a lot of new characters, like Angelica and Syrena but it also goes back to the classic relationships between the pirates that every body loves.  For example, we have Gibbs and Jack.  Jack is always shouting orders at his first mate, and Gibbs is happily obeying them.  Quite the healthy relationship.  But Gibbs is also taking orders Hector Barbossa.  And Barbossa and Jack are off to their usual relationship, constantly arguing with eachother while still working together as allies.  
So let's do a quick overview of how all these relationships work together to form this awesome movie.  Well Gibbs gets thrown under the bus by Jack when he gets arrested for being Jack, but Jack figures this dilemna out (momentarily) by playing the judge in the trial.  So he and Gibbs set off together where they are hoping to get out to see, but instead the end up in the King's Palace.  This is where Gibbs gets stuck taking orders from Barbossa, who is apparently the new privateer.  How fun.  Barbossa demands that Gibbs tell give him the map to the Fountain of Youth or face the gallows.  
Gibbs has clearly been around Jack too long and thinks of a pretty smart way to get himself out of this predicament: he quickly burns the maps.  Such a bummer.  The crew sailed all the way to Singapore to steal those in the last movie!  Will was caught in the action and almost got executed.  Well, Singapore isn't getting them back any time soon because now their gone.  The only hope is to bring Gibbs along on the adventure.  Since Gibbs is leading England to the Fountain and Jack is leading Blackbeard to the Fountain, they all kinda end up together in the end.  
Actually, Barbossa and Jack meet before hand where they become frenemies in attempt to get the chalices from the dead body of Ponce de Leon. But since the Spanish already took the chalices from the Santiago the two pirates must stick together to steal the chalices from them instead.  They do manage to get the cups, but are unfortunately caught before they can escape.  So instead they get themselves died to a tree.  But of course, Jack comes up with some ill-conceived plan that involves coconuts, rope, and probably a bit of rum.  Somehow it all comes together and he and Barbossa's men bust out of the Spanish camp with the chalices. 
 Pretty impressive.  Jack then sets Gibbs free with his compass in hopes that Gibbs can find what he truly wants.  The climax of the movie comes when they've all reached the Fountain of Youth and a fight breaks out between just about everybody.  It results in the Destruction of the Fountain, the murder of Blackbeard by Barbossa, the miraculous survival of Angelica, and the love between Philip and Syrena.  Gibbs uses this compass to find the Black Pearl which has been all shrunken and bottled and placed on Blackbeard's ship.  Gibbs also bring it upon himself to steal all the other shurken ships.  The only problem is that they haven't got a clue of how to un-bottle the Pearl.  Actually, Jack does have a clue, and it's a rather strange one really.  But knowing Jack it will probably work out.  So with that, Jack gives Gibbs another order: to find a goat.  It's amazing how much Gibbs is willing to put up with for Jack, but then again, what wouldn't you do to be Captain Jack Sparrow's right hand man?

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