Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Who taught you to be so charming?"

In the awesome novel The Price of Freedom by A.C. Crispin, Jack has a crazy night on the town  (Shipwreck Cove)  in which he discovered the dead body of One-Tooth-Tommy, a sailor on Barbossa's ship that was attacked by rouge pirates. Two days before he was murdered Tommy told Jack he had seen the Captain of the rouge ship in Shipwreck Cove. Tommy saw the Captain the night of the attack,  "I seen him that night, on his ship. Lookin' for survivors, he was, in the water. Not to save 'em. To kill 'em. The smoke was so thick, it hid us. Only reason we survived. 'Cause when the devil wants ye, he takes ye. Right?" Jack didn't believe Tommy at first, because Tommy being the great pirate that he was, was drunk. Jack felt terrible about not believing Tommy, and of course the rouge pirate who killed Tommy is out there just waiting for Jack to catch him! So Jack sets off to find the rouge. Right after he starts his quest Esmeralda confronts him and tells him she wants to come along. Jack was very surprised that Emeralda wanted to join him because despite his great charm, Jack thought Esmeralda had fallen for the other great charmer in this triangle of friends, Christophe-Julien de Rapièr. Christophe was a few years older then Jack and quite wealthy, 
But really Jack is every girls dream guy! Just look at that handsome face!  Anyways, Jack and Esmeralda use the dingy that the trio had borrowed from Don Rafael (Esmeralda's grandfather) and rowed around the cove searching for a sloop that matched the description also given to Jack by Tommy.  They spotted a ship, Jack: "Esmeralda, that ship...she's a sloop, Bermuda-rigged, just as Hector Barbossa described. And she's got a brass bow chaser, all right. Foreign work, and it looks to be an Indian work to my eyes. But darlin’...I know that ship. That's Koldunya. Borya's sloop." Esmerelda: "What? But—but— can't mean the man I met! The Pirate Lord? It can't be!".  After they make this crazy discovery they rushed back to the city to alert Don Rafael.  But by the time they (Teague and Don Rafael) went to search sloop all evidence had been removed.  They brought Borya back to Pirate Hall and gathered the other Pirate Lords for an official court of inquiry. Jack and Esmerelda were called as witnesses but the evidence they gathered was not enough to convict,
 so the Lords made the decision to summon Davy Jones, keeper of the sea and all it dead sailors. Jones told the court that Borya was guilty as charged. But he also had an accomplice. Jones was unable to tell the court who the accomplice was. Borya was sentenced to hang. The court was adjourned but Jack wasn't satisfied. He and Esmerelda left Pirate Hall and went to their favorite tavern to think. Barbossa was also at the Drunken Lady, he greeted them with some bad news. Christophe was in league with the rouges. Jack was shocked and immediately started hatching a plan to save his comrade. First he needs the keys to the dungeon from that blasted dog. 
So he and Esmerelda sneaked on board Teague's ship and fed the dog, How sweet! Animal lovers so cute.  But unfortunately for them Teague was coming down the hall so the pair ducked into a nearby closet, and waited for Teague to leave. After getting a tad frisky in the closet, they were finally alone and while the dog ate they snatched up the keys. Now if only it was that easy to help their friend escape from the dungeons of Shipwreck Cove.

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