Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Admit it, Jack. You still love me."

Since the holidays are upon us, I thought it would be cool to share some tales of love and family.  With mistletoe in the air, I think now is an appropriate time to discuss our latest post, in which we asked you who your favorite PotC couple is?  We are now going to answer our own question for you and hopefully you will respond by voting before the poll is closed!
4. Davy Jones and Tia Dalma/Calypso 
Will Turner: "You loved her. She's the one. And then you betrayed her."Davy Jones:  "She pretended to love me. She betrayed me." Will: "And after which betrayal did you cut out your heart, I wonder."  Davy and Tia Dalma's story is one full of betrayal and heartache. When Davy Jones was normal sailor he fell in love with the sea Goddess Calypso. She gave him the task of ferrying the souls of sailors lost at sea from this world to the next. He had to remain at sea for ten years before he could step foot on land to reunite with his love. When his ten years was up he returned only to find Calypso long gone. His anger was so great that he helped the first Brethren Court to capture Calypso and trap her in a human form. After this their love was pretty much over, and Davy took his ship the Flying Dutchmen that Calypso had given him to preform his duty and used it to build a crew of sailors bound for 100 years of service on his ship.  Calypso obviously was not pleased with Davy's actions and when they eventually reunited nothing polite was said.  In the end Davy was never able to forgive Calypso and died with a broken heart. Tia Dalma was eventually released by the Brethren Court, and helped the Court in their battle against the EITC.
3. Philip Swift and Syrena

Blackbeard: "You care for fancy her. Do not deny what is clear to my eyes. Question is...does she fancy you? By God, she does." Philip, the missionary, and Syrena, the mermaid, also had a very complicated and unique relationship ship.  Their both prisoners for different reasons of Blackbeard.  Blackbeard, being the super evil and powerful pirate, decides to use their budding romance to his advantage.  He needs to get a tear our of Syrena so he pretends to kill Philip.  Philip finds himself passed out in a ditch and makes his way back to the love of his life, who is dying in a pool.  He tells her how much he loves her, and then she starts to cry.  Bingo.  They take her tear and Philip, then leave her there to die.  But P. Swift doesn't let go of relationships easily, so in the middle of combat later in the movie, he runs back, with a wound in his side, all the way to where she is almost dead. He unties her and begs for her forgiveness.  They  make up and start to kiss.  She then drags him into the water where they will all live happily after ever.  I wonder what their kids will be like?  Probably no stranger than Jones' and Calypso's.  
2. Will and Elizabeth

Weatherby: "So, this is the path you've chosen, is it? After all, he is a blacksmith."  Elizabeth: "No. He's a pirate."  Will and Elizabeth's romance has been one of the cutest to track because it spans over the first three movies.  Will's always had a thing for Elizabeth since they met as kids.  Elizabeth seems to have a slight interest in him too.  However, people don't really realize what they have until it's gone.  Once Elizabeth is taken off by pirates, he realizes how desperately he loves her and needs her back.  Once they've been reunited, Will trades his blood for Elizabeth's safety.   This reminds Elizabeth how much she needs Will in her life, so she goes through great measures to save him, even promising herself to Commodore Norrington.  Once they are all safe, Will's feelings deepen when he finds out of Elizabeth's engagement to the officer.  So once their back at Port Royal, Will can't keep his feelings in any longer so he tells Elizabeth how he really feels.  Norrington understands and the two become engaged.  Through the next movie and a half, they have a lot of issues in their relationship, but in the end they make it to the alter, kinda.  It's more like the deck of a ship but it's romantic none the less.
1. Jack Sparrow and Angelica
Angelica: "I was ready to take my vows! And you—what were you doing in a Spanish convent, anyway?!" Jack: "Mistook it for a brothel. Honest mistake."  Jack is a player lets face it. He met Angelica while he was drunk. And things got a bit frisky. In the morning Angelica was on a boat bound for who knows where and Jack was still drunk. They reunited when Angelica began her journey to the Fountain of Youth. She needed Jack help to save her "father's" life, but she feared Jack wouldn't come willingly so after escaping the band of soldeirs sent to arrest Jack she drugged him and set sail for the said fountain. Jack of course wasn't very pleased with Angelica but things smoothed out eventually after some heated arguments a plan was made. In the end Jack brought Angelica to the fountain but ended up killing her "father" and that pretty much ended the romance. Jack stranded her on an island and even after some lies about pregnancy he sailed off into the sunset leaving Angelica to fend for herself. Moral of this story: true love hurts, thank goodness for voodoo dolls. 

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