Friday, August 10, 2012

"My Compass Is Unique"

So, Jack Sparrow has this super handy dandy magical object called his compass.  And we've talked all about the crazy places it's lead him.  But for some period of time in The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, the compass isn't behaving.  And this is a problem because Jack can't find the key to the chest which holds the heart of Davy Jones to stab it if he has no direction to get to it.  So to fix this problem, Jack and his crew sail to Tia Dalma's shack for advice.  After all, it was Tia Dalma who gave him this gift.  They even pay her an undead monkey for her help.
They bring Will Turner on this little journey also, because it's not a party unless Orlando Bloom is there!  But Will has no idea all this is happening to Jack.  So he gets right down to business with Tia Dalma.  Will: "We're looking for this and what it goes to."  He shows her the drawing of the key.  Tia Dalma looks rather confused for a moment, and then calls to Jack: "The compass you bartered from me, it cannot lead you to this?"  Jack looks very uncomfortable at this question: "Maybe.  Why?"  This makes Tia Dalma giggle.  Tia Dalma: "Jack Sparrow does not know what he wants.  Or do you know but loathe to claim it as your own?"  Jack decides it best to not answer this question.  The compass points to whatever the holder wants the most in this whole world, except you have to have it clearly in your mind.  But Jack doesn't know what he wants the most, so the compass cannot show him his way to it.  But then Elizabeth Swann joins the party and saves him his worries, for now, because she on the other hand knows clearly what she wants: William Turner.  Elizabeth: "All I want is to find Will."  Jack: "Are you certain?  Is that what you really want most?"  Elizabeth: "Of course." Jack: "Because I would think, you'd want to find a way to save Will the most."  
Jack's onto something, as usual.  Because if all she wanted to do was find Will, she could just kill herself at see, and wait for Davy Jones to come and recruit her!  Then she and Will could be together for a whole eternity working their butt's off on the Flying Dutchman.  Although I'm not so sure if they take female recruits.  Elizabeth: "And you'd have a way of doing that?"  Jack: "Well, there is a chest."  Norrington is adding his rude commentary in the background since Jack has just hired him for his crew.  Norrington: "Oh dear."  Jack just shoots him a rather cold look and continues: "A chest of unknown size and origin." Then our favorite pirates Pintel and Ragetti wander by.  Pintel: "With the still-beating heart of Davy Jones."  Ragetti pretends his hand is a beating heart.  Jack: "And whoever posses that chest posses the leverage to command Jones to do whatever it is he or she wants.  Including, saving brave William from his grim fate."  How easily Jack turns what he wants into what Elizabeth wants.  Norrington knows better: "You don't actually believe him, do you?"  
Elizabeth just looks suspiciously back and forth between the two pirates, but she gives in to Jack's plan: "How do we find it?"  That's when the plan unfolds as Jack pulls out his compass.  Jack: "With this.  My compass is unique."  Norrington again has something to say: "Unique having the meaning of broken."  Norrington insulted this same compass in Curse of the Black Pearl also.  He's just jealous.  Jack: "True enough.  This compass does not point North."  Elizabeth is listening intently: "Where does it point?"  Jack: "It points to the thing you want most in this world."  Jack gives her that charming smiling that just about everyone has to give into.  Elizabeth: "Oh Jack.  Are you telling the truth?"  Jack: "Every word, love."  Except for the part about Will, but we can let that one pass.  Jack: "And what you want most in this world is to find the chest of Davy Jones, is it not?"  Elizabeth gets all defensive at this: "To save Will!"  Jack: "By finding the chest of Davy Jones."  He places the compass in her hands and quickly runs off.  
The compass shakes a bit but finally comes to a stop, which she is surprised to find is not north.  Jack reappears, happier than usual.  Jack: "Mr. Gibbs!"  Gibbs: "Cap'n."  Jack: "We have our heading!"  Gibbs: "Finally!"  After many weeks of not knowing where to go because of the misguiding compass and very vague headings, the crew can finally set sail for their destination, thanks to Elizabeth for playing the perfect tool!  I guess Elizabeth can be useful for something because the compass does indeed lead them to the chest.

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